Does your keywords have Intent?

Last Update: April 27, 2018

Have you ever checked your keywords? Does your keywords have intent?

You come across this fantastic keyword/keyword phrase with high search and low competition. Are you going to use it?
You should check the intent of the keyword first, you could be driving the wrong traffic.

Pop the keyword up in search, any of the search engines. Look through the search results, are they related to your niche? If not, you could be driving the wrong traffic to your website.

Aren't you looking for targeted traffic? Yea, okay, you're driving traffic to your website, but if you're selling a product/products, you're driving traffic that has no intent of buying anything. They probably won't even stay on your website long enough to read anything.

They pop in and out very quickly because it's not even close to what they were originally thinking they were coming in for. I've done it myself, popped into a website and it wasn't even close to what I was looking for. I popped in and right back out, I didn't stick around.

You may be driving traffic, but are you driving the right traffic?


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firstlearn Premium
Hello Kenny,
A good point! I hope I don't fall into that trap.

KVanWormer Premium
And it's easy to fall into that trap.
Especially when you find great keywords, but they may not be great keywords for your niche.

Marcus2020 Premium
Hello Kenny,
OOOOOps . Quite a point. "driving the wrong traffic ".I can see how often this might happen.
Great question .
Thank you ,
buffetearns Premium
Thanks Kenny

Laurel0887 Premium
Great stuff Kenny!

HowardJaros Premium
A great fundemental truth Kenny! Thanks for sharing.