Set Goals For Your Online Business

Last Update: July 12, 2014

Those who plan and set goals stand a chance of making millions. You'll be working mostly on your own, so having goals is

far more important, than when you had a boss. There are three different ways people start out setting goals, but all start

with the bigger picture and break goals down into achievable chunks. Let's look at the three main ways you can set your

goals before I give you a bit of an example related to your online business.

At the very outset of your laptop business, think about why you are doing it. Think about the freedom, the peace of mind,

the people you can help, the money you'll have to enjoy the things you want most. Imagine where you are going to live,

what sort of car you will be driving, where you will be going on holiday. Think about how you could change something for

the better in your community. Think what you are going to be doing when you only work a couple of hours a day and do what

you want, with whom you want, where ever in the world you want. As you start to think in these terms you will be

developing your vision for your future.

Your big goal is to attain your vision.

What is the best way to get this down? You will need to refer to it periodically. I'll come to that later. The 3 main

ways, I've heard of successful entrepreneurs using are as follows.

A vision book, or vision collage poster. Have this on your wall or by your bedside.

A mind map, which is a pictorial representation of how the elements of your vision hang together. Typically it is going to

need a sheet of paper at least A3 to get it onto one page.

A list, or action plan to do list. This is likely to be more like the business plans you have been accustomed to in the


Each one of the 3 different ways to document your goals that represent your vision for your laptop business will be more

comfortable for some people than the other 2. All 3 have things in common. They all must state what is going to be

achieved and when. Each must identify how to know when you have reached that goal, either what life is going to look like

or how many of something you will have.

In one article I can only give you an outline of how to set your goals and document them in each of these 3 ways.

To build a vision book or collage, start with a new notebook or a large sheet of cardboard. Look through magazines or

search the internet for pictures you can print of the things you have been thinking about. Cut the pictures out and

organise them into groups for each of the key areas of your vision. Start with the most important in the middle of the

collage or the start of the book. Write a date against each picture, with a note if necessary. Make links between the

pictures / pages to highlight how they are interlinked.

Similarly, to build a mind map start at the centre of the page with the most important as a central circle (does not have

to be perfect) and draw connections outwards for each key area, such as health, fitness, wealth, spirituality, community,

home, family. At the end of each connections write what you will achieve and when. Then for each of these radiate out

connections to things within that, which you will achieve, such as aspects of health like a strong back, absence of

headaches, no stress etc.

Writing a "to do" list is probably familiar to you. Write down your big vision which is your big goal, what it will look

like and when you will achieve it. Break that down into the different aspects of your bigger goal, as we did with the mind

map, and have cross references between them.

I suggest you choose one of these ways to set your own vision for your laptop business, so that you have something to

refer back to. As you start to make money from home you will learn more about these techniques alongside strategies for

your internet business. There is a lot to learn, but without goals you are unlikely to get anywhere. Set goals. Learn

online business strategies and make money.

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