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Last Update: February 13, 2018

I am nearly finished with the second block of training in the certification program. I am here to learn how to create a web-based income.I expect success. How fast that happens depends on me, my ability to learn and my ability to implement what I learn. Few people can say the same for a job. I must say there is a lot of writing involved. And I find myself asking this question a lot. Is my content ready?

Putting my content together is like looking in a trick mirror. It looks right and then - it’s not.That’s because I need an editor! It’s very hard for me to see what’s on the page when I know what should be there. Also, I must beware of Grammarly (and its kind) these tools are a tremendous help, but they can also mess with your content. The other day Grammarly informed me I had used a name more than three consecutive times and suggested I use the word it instead. I hit the tab thinking it would change one instance of the word used to - it. Grammarly changed them all and was satisfied. I had a whole blog about It. Whatever it was because no one would know by reading my blog.

I have found the read aloud program under review in Microsoft Word helps me to know exactly what my content is saying. When your content is read aloud you can hear exactly what it’s saying and if it says what you mean, it’s ready. Unfortunately, the read aloud program doesn’t respond well when I use it repeatedly to check my revisions. I have to close and reopen it to get it to work. How about you? Is your content ready? How do youknow?

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MarkBa Premium
I always read content aloud and I always allow at least 12 hours to pass before I do a final check of my content and press publish. The edits I make after giving it the time always improve my content a great deal.

Kundi Premium
Thanks, I've been too eager to finish and post. Allowing 12 hours could help improve my work. I will try that. I'll write one post and then another while waiting. After waiting 12 hours I can review edit and post the first one. That will allow the wait time to go by quickly.