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There comes a time in life when you kick yourself and say 'I wish, I wish'. Well that attitude has to come to an end. There also comes a time when one spends time unproductively. Looking at the time that you have spent on useless and valueless staff, this is the time when Regrets come in place. Just like me when some things come to light you then regret. Its been a year here at Wealthy Affiliate. With so much going on on the internet, with so many people thinking that going to make money online
In this article I am going to tell my experience with wealthy affiliate university. It will help you realize what it has done for and what it can do for you.Online marketing mentor shipIt been close to a year now being a member of wealthy affiliate university, It seems like yesterday when I was writing my money goals here at WA. To me it was a thing I had to do because I was asked to, little did I know that I will a person that the world can look up as an internet marketing expert. I came to WA
It looks like yesterday when I started off on wealthy affiliate university. Looking back when Kyle asked this question What Are Your "Money" Goals?Honestly I don't remember what I said. All I wanted was money from the internet. Little did I know that the secret to making money online is to learn the skills. At times I was so lazy to do the trainings inside WA because I wasn't making money at all, for a fact I knew that WA has the best training. Tried different programs when I got stuck i would
October 17, 2015
I have been thinking lately to connect with as many people as I can. My question for you today isWhat kind of business are you building online? I am building an events website for my country and affiliate programsPlease comment the type of online business you are building below
Today I want to give thanks to wealthy affiliate training. For the training i have learnt here I have manage to lock arms with an affiliate program and at the moment I am at $1000.00 residual income. I have struggled for a while about making money online. I followed through all the trainings in premium membership, searched for an affiliate program following Kyle's training.Here are some of the things that are happening that I had no idea about, that led to my success1. My website is getting ran
July 23, 2015
Let’s face it; if you want to succeed at anything, you need to have a certain level of confidence. This doesn’t mean that you need to boldly and fearlessly attack every aspect of life. There certainly may be areas where you lack confidence. You need to identify, however, the areas of life where you need to be confident in order to succeed.The first thing you need to do is to identify where you need more confidence, and where you don’t. Let’s say, for example, that you are afraid of publi
July 16, 2015
As we all know that an expect was once an amateur ,What are the 2 things that you used struggled to do at the beginning, that is easy to do now . comment below & share with me how you have managed to get through Thanks
July 11, 2015
I wish I could say Klye STOP IT.... I am loving it here Wealthy affiliate never stops to amaze me. Its been over 3 months at Wealthy Affiliate I feel like I am playing a video game, whereby I am unlocking level after level. Here are some of the things I have unlocked so far and I am loving it 1. From Wealthy affiliate starter membership to Wealthy Affiliate Premium (More support, More trainings and so much more!!!2. When I got my five referrals to Wealthy Affiliate Premium I unlocked more autom
Today I have uploaded my first training at Wealthy Affiliate about Facebook news feed. been a little over 3 months here at Wealthy Affiliate University Premium Member I thought I would share how grateful and thankful I am being a Wealthy affiliate premium member(lots of benefits). Over 250 people I refereed starter members, few premium upgrades. Thousands of hits to wealthy affiliate home page through my referral link.Need to point out a
One of my favourite quotes by Kyle is "Making money online is not magic, you need to learn the skills" and I have gone through the affiliate Bootcamp training within WA twice because i wanted to learn the skills I just woke up this morning to check my emails. I saw two messages, one saying I have made a sale within WA and the other one was from Kyle,he was congratulating me for the fifth(5) sale.I then decided to write this blog and give you some few things i have been doing withing WA. So: 1.