5 dollars everyday passive income thanks to WA

Last Update: June 03, 2020

It feels like yesterday when I was doing the financial goals lesson here at WA. I can't believe it is 5 years ago. I have been looking at one of my affiliate commissions and I realized that I am getting +-$5.00 a day. Imagine working up in the morning only to realize that you have already made money while asleep.

When I started my blog and now

I started my first blog/website around 2014/15 following wealthy affiliate training. At this stage, most of the things did not make any sense at all. As a beginner, you will end up copy and paste other people's content hahaha. I am sure most beginners are guilty of that. Yes, true story. My Blog to this day is still online and it is one of the creations I am so proud of. Fast forward years I have improved on writing and gained a lot of traction to my site.

A shift to focus on my strengths

I have tried many methods to bring traffic to my website. One day I did check my stats and realized that most of the customers that were clicking my affiliate links are coming from google search. I was a bit confused at this stage as I needed to continue with Facebook marketing. With the help of other wealthy affiliate members, they suggested that I focus on what is bringing results for me which is writing. I did exactly as they suggested.

Going for the local market

I am based in Zimbabwe, Upon realizing a few people writing about Zimbabwe in the make money online niche. I decided to focus on such topics. It was then when I stumbled upon keywords that pushed my articles to get me $5 dollars a day in passive income. The product/service I promoted in my articles brings me recurring income.

$5x30 = $150 per month | What can this money do in Zimbabwe

Doing the work once and getting passive income is a great feeling. $5 a day may seem to be a small amount. But in Zimbabwe and some countries in Africa, the majority of people that go to work 9am - 5pm earn less than $150 per month. So imagine getting a full month salary without lifting up a finger yet others would spend 30 days to get it.

Overcoming my fears and focusing on the goals

One of my greatest fears in writing is spelling and grammar. There was a time when I stopped writing for a while because I would feel bad about it. Later I realized that what matters is getting people to understand what you are trying to say and have them clicking on the affiliate links. Besides the search engine is not looking for spelling mistakes its looking for content. hahaha


Help me celebrate this milestone. Today I am reflecting the day I joined wealthy affiliate. Thank God I did not give up. I will continue to work towards increasing income. Oh, How I love passive income.

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Eugene Premium
I love your post because it reflects your commitment and now you're earning for now $150 per month by doing nothing. You need to escalate it, by finding ways to increase that traffic. Keep looking at those charts to see where are your customers going to. Nice job and thank God you didn't quit.
WaltM Premium
As a beginner myself with only 4-5 months in WA I am fortunately overwhelmed with joy reading your blog post!

Thank you for sharing it!

It made me feel something emotionally that I didn't see before.. That no matter how little the amount passive income is--the results are always a life-changing moment in time!

Congratulations! haha.

Bless up!

From the U.S. I will now be following you, and constantly I will be reflecting on my simple goal of writing articles that move people in a small way.

Five years later, a beginner as yourself once was. I celebrate with you.

The milestone that kept you going to eventually earning 5 dollars everyday--is now an inspiration in the world for other newbies!

All the best!
kudaonline Premium
Awesome thanks so much for dropping a message. I have met a lot of people from the US. I have come to realize that cost of living in the US is high compared to third wold countries.

I remember getting started my aim was to make millions as advertised by many US online marketers. Later on, I realized we live in two different worlds which needs diferent solutions.
This platform has helped me a lot
DarioL Premium
I'm really glad that you're experiencing the results.

As you've mentioned - this might not mean a lot to others, but it can mean a lot to people who live in another country.

Working online and earning USD and spending it in your local currency is a great way to make a living online.

Many digital nomads make a living online and then travel to lower-economy countries as it's far more affordable to have a sustainable lifestyle with the help of geo arbitrage.

And if you made $5 - you can make $10 which will double your monthly income! Keep up the good work!
kudaonline Premium
Awesome thanks for the kind words will work towards an increase. To your success
This is great and it is not small money
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus

Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

Having lived in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa and Asia, I understand how US $1.00 can do amazing things, such as feed you for a day.

So, this IS a big achievement. 😊

Keep doing what you are doing.
Your English and writing have improved immensely and that progress will continue.

You are a great example of how WA supports growth, development and success.

Be safe and well.
kudaonline Premium
Yes yes Indeed it can go a long way. Happy to hear from you as well
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus