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September 11, 2019
I did it! I'm premium from today. Finally I made my decission and took action. I'm so happy for mooving forward. I could say I could celebrate a party today for the engagement I made with myself. I never enjoyed celebrating my birthday because I feel I had nothin to do with it it was more my mom's job to celebrate. But today my friends, today is different. I just seem to have taken a life changing step, so a new me is here to go on. This is a rebirth I want to celebrate, my new birthday. You ar
Well, finally I´ve just started a new path. They say if you don't change the way you do things you´ll be in the same situation over and over. So tired of feeling the same frustration job after job I feel it´s time to listen to myself and give me a chance of doing things different. Its important to be nice to yourself and trust.Today is the first day of a new career! Thanks to everything that is making this possible, every step, every decision taken. So hello to everyone. Wish
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