Utilizing my life change Towards selling WA

Last Update: July 07, 2016

I can honestly say that WA has change my life!! I wanted to do a little write up to thank everyone for what they have helped me with and for all the motivation they have provided. Also, I have used my life change to help promote WA and it seems to be working quite well. The three main area's that it opened up for me were; opening up new avenues towards product reviews, a personal connection with people looking for a change, and chance to help others.

Opening New Avenues for Product Reviews

Since my website is based around my life change, I have implemented my work out routines, dietary products, and am thinking about doing monthly themes that go with the season changes. I am considering doing the month of August as a BBQ/Smoker theme. I was going to do different types of recipes and use different types of grills/ smokers in order to have good research for the reviews. Also, I am doing a write up about Mondays and how much people hate them. So, I decided that Mondays are my fun days and am starting a whole area on what I did for fun on Monday instead of dreading what I had to do. So far, I am seeing good amount of traffic with the concept just kicking off.

Making a Personal Connection with People Trying to make a Change

Since people can see that I am making a life change, they are more likely to ask what I am doing in order to make money. Most of my post end up referring back to WA as my foundation for my new life style. Therefore, I get many questions on what WA is and how I got into it. As soon as I can get a conversation with them, I can directly relate to what they are feeling and thinking. I can give them an honest opinion of what WA is and how it could help them.

A Chance to Help Others

A huge part of my happiness is seeing others succeed because I was able to help them. WA gives me that opportunity. My site gives them a glimpse into something that has potential. Then my interactions with them through the ups and downs of starting a business allows me to help guide them to a thriving business. This was the part of my job I loved when I worked in corporate atmospheres, and I am so glad I can experience the same thing here on WA.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for all the help that they have provided!! And for the new comers, be honest, real, and passionate about what your doing. The rest of the cards will fall into place.


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