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Last Update: June 13, 2016

Today, I finished my 2nd set of lessons on Wealthy Affiliate. I am really excited about the future of my site since I have been getting great feedback from my friends, family, and colleagues. I have honestly think I found something I really enjoy to do and 100% think I picked the perfect site to get me on the right track towards success.

As of now, I have began creating content, and am working on how to combine he books and exercises I have used to my page. This is going to be my 3 month goal. I want to have books and exercises, based on business and team work, to share with my readers out there that will excel there team building skills as much as they did mine. I would also like to hit my first sale in the next month. My 6 month goal is to be able to be making this my full time job by supporting myself through the website.

If anyone has time please follow me and take a look at my page for some feedback. I will pay it forward by doing the same for you. Thanks

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Ecowarrior Premium
Great progress and goals! Keep going and I am sure you will have success!
Labman Premium
Sounds like you have a plan. Keep plugging away at it. It does take a while for the traffic to build.
Kroz21 Premium
Thanks!! I am anxious to see it happen.