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As I was working today, I watched the entire Back to the Future Trilogy. This happens to be one of my favorite movies, but today watching it was different. At the end of the first movie, Doc Brown comes back and tells Marty McFly that he needs to take him back to the future. Mind bottling yes, but the quote, "Roads? Where were going we don't need roads!" hit me a little today. Today is my one month anniversary from leaving the job that I dreaded for years. I never thought that I would be
I can honestly say that WA has change my life!! I wanted to do a little write up to thank everyone for what they have helped me with and for all the motivation they have provided. Also, I have used my life change to help promote WA and it seems to be working quite well. The three main area's that it opened up for me were; opening up new avenues towards product reviews, a personal connection with people looking for a change, and chance to help others.Opening New Avenues for Product ReviewsSin
June 13, 2016
Today, I finished my 2nd set of lessons on Wealthy Affiliate. I am really excited about the future of my site since I have been getting great feedback from my friends, family, and colleagues. I have honestly think I found something I really enjoy to do and 100% think I picked the perfect site to get me on the right track towards success.As of now, I have began creating content, and am working on how to combine he books and exercises I have used to my page. This is going to be my 3 month goal
Last night, I was laying in bed thinking about the all the tasks I need to complete for June 6th, 2016. The tasks grew to such a quantity that I found myself planning my entire week, which turned into the following week, and finally into the month. I struggled with this because I was scheduled 7 days 24 hours a day with about 5 hours of sleep a day. I quickly became down and thought about how nice it would be to not wake up to an alarm clock at 4:15 am anymore, deal with the lack of time I d
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