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I am a wife, mother of 3, and teacher. I also am a former personal trainer, love fitness and seek to help others. I live in Florida and love warm weather.
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onlineflow Premium
Thanks for Your follow, Kristy

Wherever you might be...
You have the Full Map to Get to...
Well, Wherever You Wanna Go...

Here it is:
Plug into the Training...
Ask all your Questions...
Apply what you learn...
Repeat... Repeat... Repeat
That's it...!

So, Nose to the ground... :)
We got your back!

All my best to you,
Keisi Premium
Hola Kristy!

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for adding me to your network and I have also added you to mine.

All the best wishes for a speedy accomplishment of your hopes and dreams right here at WAU! You made the right choice to learn from the Best of the Best.

MoneyMech Premium
Hey there, congrats on going premium! I know this will be a life changing choice! I am following you as well =D

Here is a post I put on Wealthy Affiliate recently that I think will help you get started and give you a good estimate of what to expect:
onmyownterms Premium
Welcome to WA!

You may find this post helpful on your journey.
KristyT1 Premium
Thank you
RuthlynB Premium
Hi, Kristy welcome to WA and in particular, to premium, there is so much information here and you can move at your own pace wishing you all the best.
Akselfoly Premium
Welcome to WA , wish you all the best . Stay hungry and be patient, then the success is 100% sure .
dlinz Premium
Welcome Kristy..My name is Dave and you made the right choice..good luck on your new adventure Im going to follow you.
CCB Premium
Hey Kristy, I'm Chris! I joined fairly recently and have upgraded to premium just the other day as well. One of my plans on WA is to help people my age, high schoolers, younger adults, and fellow college students get into shape, and maintain their physical health, without having to bust the bank.

Seems like you value some of the same things that I do! I workout 5-6 times a week myself, weight training 3 days, yoga 2 or 3.

Anyways, welcome aboard! Maybe we could help each other in the future.

KristyT1 Premium
Thanks Chris, I look forward to this new adventure!
susanmacneil Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.
I am thoroughly enjoying my time here.
I hope you are as well.
This is a wonderful site with tons of learning opportunities and support.
You will find a huge welcoming community of like-minded people who wish you success.
Welcome and enjoy!
KristyT1 Premium
Thanks Susan
kevinv91 Premium
Hello Welcome To WA I Wish you luck. you will like it here
brettbrtsk Premium
Hi Kirsty
congratulations on going premium, I'm sure you won't regret it
44Tina Premium
Congrats, welcome!
Bonuses Premium
Congrats on going premium!

I've added you into my network.

Wishing you all the best,
el-jefe-Kyle Premium
Hey Kristy!

I'm Kyle (not the owner, just a member).

You must have came from my blog and as promised, I'm here to help.

You can get started with the training at any time in the menu on the left side of the screen. You will see the big green button that says "Get Started Here".

If you need any help let me know :)