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August 29, 2018
Happy Wednesday to everyone in WA world.We had bad thunderstorms roll through yesterday, and whenever my older cat (Chloe) is scared she runs to the dog (Lucy) and gloms on to her! My new kitty (Misha) was on my lap.This is just a quick update on the goals I had set for myself today. I was approved for 5 afflliate ads, 3 through CJ Affiliate and 2 others independently. The CJ Affiliate site is pretty easy to use. After a couple (or more) trys I got them all done in less than 2 hours, and actual
August 26, 2018
Today marks several milestones for me, and I wanted to share with all of you. 1. After working on it for 5 hours yesterday, I got google analytics up and running today.2. I completed and published my longest article yet to my site (over 1200 words) which is HUGE for me.3. I was notified by Google that 2 of my previous 3 posts were both indexed.4. I am waiting on approval from 3 requests for an affiliate ad link, and already have been approved for 1.After all this good news I'm afraid to go to b
August 19, 2018
Hi my previous post was a bit off the track!When I said "completed level 9 training" what I meant was completed TASK 9 of Level 2, so I'm nearly ready to move on to Level 3. OOPS! Big difference!It doesn't take much to get me excited about making progress in this training since this is all new to me. The fact that I've created a website still has me in awe.As I read the information provided by more experienced members of the community I'm sometimes left in the dark. Luckily someone h
August 17, 2018
Hi All.Today I completed level 9 training, set up google+, imported a post and added WA to the community. I also followed 6 new people (3 from different countries). That's one of the things I'm really enjoying about the WA community. There is no other way it would be possible for me to chat with people from Austria, Thailand and Sweden all in the same day! You gotta love that.I never feel like I accomplish as much in a day as I set out to, there's always more things to do than there is day to d
August 04, 2018
Today is a landmark day for me, my first website has been indexed by Google. I know my work is just beginning, but I felt it was worthwhile to take a moment and celebrate."" was born from my passion for animals. I want to help people learn to love and enjoy our furry babies as much as I do. I began adopting pets when was about 5 years old, although some of them turned out to belong to our neighbors. I provided pet sitting for people on vacation instead of babysitting like my friend