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Hey everyone! My name is Alex and this is a picture of my beautiful family. My daughter Sadie and my fiancee Jessica.

I don't have much experience at all in IM but I'm eager to learn. My dream to have enough Income to replace my current career in the military.

Then I can spend more time with my family, instead of ending up keeping the peace in third world countries (I think my family agrees with that one lol).

We love rock climbing and would love to do lots of adventure traveling. I plan on starting to make the income for that on this site too :)

Can't wait to start learning, and looking forward to talking with lots of like-minded individuals!
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cduane82 Premium
Welcome to WA! You're gonna love it here.
TJ Books Premium
Welcome! John
bodovan Premium
Hi Alex!
Welcome on board!!!
Glad to see more and more buddies here...:)
If you need help in any way - let me know... Hopefully I'll be able to assist you with something...
You also are welcome to share any useful information if you want...
Talk to you soon...
Take care,
jcylau2010 Premium
Welcome to WA! The Action Plan is the best place to start with basic Internet Marketing skills and techniques. Best of luck to you
CoachEd Premium
welcome to WA and if I can be of help just pm me and i will do my best to help you.
cashflow+ Premium
Welcome to WA I wish you and your beautiful family a wealthy experience. Your in the right place for learning and growing your way to success. Cheers!
Old Mizer Premium
Welcome to WA! The community that exists here is great! This is the best place to learn online marketing and all the tools you'll need are here. Being a member you have access to all of them. The Forum offers a wealth of knowledge. Don't hesitate to give a shout there if you have questions. Welcome to the team Alex.
webkab Premium
Welcome to WA. TThere's lots of information here at WA. Don't get overwhelmed. Just do the training, stay focused and take any additional training that is offered. Also, go to potpiegirls blog. There you will find some videos that will help you get started. Good Marketing and much Success.
Louise M. Premium
Hi and WELCOME to the WA community!
Glad to have you here! :)
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
Spanky Premium
Welcome to the community. Learn, take action and don't hesitate to ask questions.
Ezinewriter Premium
Hello Alex, welcome to WA!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family