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Any other running or teaching sites that would be interested in writing pieces for each other?
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Good Afternoon folks. I am working on a blog/content about running and training for a 5k, and teaching internationally. I want to include real people's stories and experiences. If you would like to share them send me a personal message or write a story below. I want the reader to feel they can email me and send their own hard work and dedication.
May 04, 2017
I am at the end of course two and I am feeling pretty confident. I love creating and sharing information so it feels very natural for me at this point. My two niches are teaching abroad (as that is my current job) and running and training for 5k and longer (since this is what I do in my personal life after school). If I can get these two sites up and running and healthy I may start a third websites about wedding planning becuase that is my new adventure for the summer of 2018. Saving for my wed
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