Take A Break And Chill

Last Update: June 19, 2017

Ohio River

After working ten hours today, I decided to take a ride my motorcycle along the Great Ohio River. Taking a break from my daily routine. You are looking at the Hoosier, State, across the river. And I am on the Kentucky side at one of the parks along the river. Just sitting taking a break and chilling. The temperature has finally calmed down from 90 degrees. It was a pleasant 79 degrees with a comfortable humidity.

I sat on a picnic bench for an hour and just listened to the birds howling. The wind was blowing about 10-15. mph. It was peaceful on the Ohio River today. There wasn't any river traffic, and the scene reminded me of a Mark Twain story.

The moon just over my shoulder was barely visible. Peeking out just above the hill And the Ohio River Valley so peaceful and serene. The Ohio River flows through three states where I live. I am able to enjoy a variety of terrain here in the Tri-State. There are rolling hills, hollers, and river bottom flat land.

I hope you are finding the time to take a break and chill and enjoy life.

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ABromley Premium
you have to take a break from the work load at some time.
RikaSF Premium
Thanks for sharing Kevin. I agree, taking a break to clear the mind is always a winner:)
MHulsizer Premium
Very nice! Sometimes we gotta have that break to clear our minds and enjoy the things that are given to us by a higher power! Thanks for sharing that with us! Hope you share some more soon!
markr0675 Premium
Its good for the soul.
MKearns Premium
A vital routine Kevin. So essential