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Last Update: February 06, 2019

9 minutes 58 seconds

Did you know that we only have a little over nine minutes to capture the attention of our audiences? You have precisely nine minutes and fifty-eight seconds.

Before they will be distracted and move on to something else, and the exciting part about this is that we all have this internal clock embedded in us.

Per John Medina, a molecular biologist at the University of Washington, after that you have to figure out some way to keep your visitor(s) engaged.

I think it's fascinating that Google already uses this strategy in the websites meta-title section. You have 155 characters in the meta-title to give a brief synopsis.

Of what your post is about and why a visitor should click through to your website. Moreover, if you can't make your point, they will move on to another site.

Use the ten-minute rule to keep your engaged needs to be applied to every post or blog. We all have this time factor embedded in us.

It dates back to a more primitive time in our human past. The good news is that we also have a mechanism for triggering re-engagement.

The next time you are creating a post, think of it as a movie trailer. The movie trailer gives the viewer a condensed version of what the movie is about — creating interest to view the hour and a half movie.


The initial paragraph is your way of setting the stage for the rest of your article. You give a ten minute brief of what the visitor will learn in your post. It is where you get them excited to read or watch more.

You keep your visitor's attention through pictures, videos, and or demonstrations. Here is where you can also add testimonials to validate your article.


Today, social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and SnapChat are the pros of using this technic to keep the audience on the platform.

When you go to social media you are bombarded by news feeds doing this very thing — trying to get you to click on their picture(s) to read their information.


Notice the placement of pictures, videos, and demonstrations in the article your reading. You will find the placement of the media right about when you are starting to get bored.

And then "BANG" you have a short video or a funny picture to break up the monotony of reading or viewing. These are your props for emotional engagement.

Want to learn more about this subject? Check out the link from INC. Magizine.


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DavidMoffett Premium
Wow, amazing! This is so true-for I find myself captivated into social media’s newsfeed for hours! Thanks for sharing!
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You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.