Five Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make After They Complete the Wealthy Affiliate Training

Last Update: May 11, 2016

There are essentially five mistakes that we should try to avoid. Believe it or not, most members become guilty of one or more of these simple mistakes even though we all know better.

Some of these mistakes are unavoidable 'life happens' situations that everyone will face once in a while.

Like a good boy scout, you can't be prepared for every little thing that may get dished out at you when you least expect it.

Every member here works very hard in learning the proper techniques and all the little tweaks that have become mandatory in getting a website to rank in the SERPS. I tip my hat to our beloved instructors here, naming Carson, Kyle, Jay, and a whole bunch of other extremely talented and skilled webmasters that go way beyond just setting a good example for all of us to follow.

NO. I mean not only did they write the material for us to learn and make video's and training modules for us to follow but they also update the training when necessary. Do you have any idea how many other programs online there are that:

  • Don't update their teaching material when Google decides to change things
  • Don't offer for free a Keyword Tool and training on how to use it wisely
  • Don't share revenue from fees associated with your referrals
  • Allows every member here to share their training procedures with the community
  • Allowing members to link to different member blogs to use as referral articles

The list goes on and on. Wealthy Affiliate is as unique as each individual here paid members as well as free members.

But with all the benefits associated with membership, we as members sometimes fail to utilize the golden opportunities available to us.

The list below is my compilation of mistakes whether it be known, unavoidable, or just procrastination. To set the bar up high one must deliver consistently. So if you are one that expects more then do diligence in practice will make perfect.

Schedule consistent content writing

Not setting up a consistent time schedule to write your content is one of the most important duties of being an Internet marketer. Regardless of which hat you wear, webmaster, affiliate marketer, or blogger, publishing your content on a daily, bi-weekly, or weekly format is key to finding success.

Finding the time to publish a post every day would be near impossible for anyone, especially since 80% to 90% or more of us do this on a part-time basis. A bi-weekly is doable and probably the closest to being ideal because it would be consistent, fresh content, and pleasing to Google.

I had been following Digital marketer Ryan Deiss for awhile. One of his points I found very interesting was he and his team would decide what their content was going to be about. They publish articles every Monday and Wednesday of every week.

They used a spreadsheet. On Mondays they would publish “X”, written by “Y” and the article subject line would be “Z”. They had specific items that would be offered for sale. They would do the same thing for Wednesday. Like clockwork, they were consistent with their agenda and were able to gross over 1 million dollars in their second year.

They had three to five different items or products that they would offer their visitors. One was what they called a Lead Magnet offer, then a Tripwire offer, then their core offers, and then their super-profit maximizers.

They would rotate these offers along with the author that would write the article, and which day this article would be published.

Lead magnets were offers that would get the visitors to click on the offer (a free gift in exchange for their email address). Tripwire offers were randomly placed within the content that were strategic and usually cheap, another ploy in getting email addresses but also to selling something, a digital report, a training program of some kind, etc.

Core offers were higher priced items that were also geared to the type of article being published. Profit maximizers are upsells to get the maximum amount of money from the visitor.

Not Researching Your Competition

This is another mistake a lot of marketers do. They don't take the time to research what their biggest competitors are doing so that they can stay one jump or hop in front of them. It is like we get tunnel vision in our approach to what our next article is going to be about.

We may start with keyword research, maybe even alter our article to fit the keyword(s) we selected. We are trying to write our best article to date so what some other website is writing about couldn't be further from our minds.

If only we would have thought of that... Have you ever said that to yourself?

Not Creating a Plan on How To Market on Social Media

A plan is created to enable us to reach a goal. One of my favorite sayings is, “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”. We have had ample training about posting on Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Pineterst, Instagram, each have their benefits and each of these work a little differently.

It would be hard, to say the least, to be an expert with each one of these different media's. I would suggest concentrate on one and learn all you can before learning another. Each one has different subscribers with different favorites and different customs. Not doing any social media would be committing website suicide in my opinion. I read all the time how one website recommends Twitter over Pineterst because... or how Instagram sent hundreds of visitors to another. You get the idea.

Not Researching Other Blogs For Marketing Ideas

You do know that by visiting another website in your niche and help someone there, that you are marketing your expertise to that competitor? Did you also know that not only can you get a backlink from that website, but you can and usually do get more traffic to your website?

Years ago I use to write articles for ezines, which at the time was a good marketing ploy. I was able to increase my traffic significantly by my articles. That platform has lost much of its importance nowadays since social media but it is still a good option. Especially for certain niches.

You can find out what are the biggest complaints, worse troubles or problems, that the people your niche website caters to by visiting a forum in your niche. Then you will know what kind of questions you will need to answer and then set out posts that do just that.

Doing Proper Keyword Research

Last but not least, there is an art in using just the right keywords and long-tailed keyword terms. With over 4 billion people using the Internet, certain search terms continue to be the most popular terms used. So predicting what keywords most people will be using is rather consistent.

The biggest differences in which keyword you want to try to rank for will depend greatly on the search volume and the competition. Everyone has their own set numbers they shoot for. Ideally, high search volume and low competition would get the most traffic.

You can find a lot of training over just this one subject because, again, everyone has a different value system in place. Whether you use the free keyword tool here at WA or by using Jaaxy, you are still loads ahead of most other websites. I like the low-hanging fruit myself, and also, the terms that are not the most popular can have big rewards too. I follow a couple of members here that so far have proven to be skilled and very dependable when using their advice.

Keywords will 'make' or 'break' your website in a hurry. Research is key and doing it well one must develop a system that utilizes certain values that are consistent, like volume for example. My value system is a search volume 50 or more with a competition (lower the number the better).

I keep telling myself how often I should be posting, what it should be about, and keeping my fingers crossed that one day, one of these articles will go viral, and then I can stop worrying about consistency.

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JudeP Premium
Wonderful post with great advice, thanks for sharing :)
kmer6 Premium
It may be me more than anyone else that gets in a hurry to meet my deadline, only to find out I am just spinning my wheels.
LizPB Premium
Great tips! Thanks.for.sharing.
kmer6 Premium
I know you are not guilty of these little infractions, but thank you for reading my blog. Perhaps you can use this as a reminder,
paulgoodwin Premium
Good information. But there is more to it than that - what are you selling and now many people really want what you are offering ???
JJordie Premium
Yes to monetize your website skillfully is an art. Even Old Newspapers and Used cars sell if done the right way
paulgoodwin Premium
Yes that is right !!!
kmer6 Premium
Yes, you're right. There are several more avoidable mistakes. These little mistakes are the easiest to fix, though. They are good reminders to everyone.
bjdluna Premium
Thank you for writing this. There is a lot of good information here!
kmer6 Premium
Thank you, Barbara, for reading. I hope this helps you avoid the little things that mean so much.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Well that's one opinion. I will check back here later to see what the more experienced and diversified people have to say.
kmer6 Premium
These are the little mistakes that are an easy fix, which also can have a lot to do with your success. These are also the ones that I am prone to do when meeting a deadline.
BrooklynPhil Premium
In Poker, it's not the Big mistakes like folding a winning hand that will cost you the most money, because it happens so infrequently. It's the little mistakes that you make over and over again that will cost you the most over time.

Why is there never time to do things right, but always time to do things over?