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I have been here a year or longer and this community is awesome. There is one person that is my go to guy whenever I have a question and i want to acknowledge him and tell everyone what a great person he is. When i felt like giving up he encouraged me not too. He has always given me great advice and he takes a lot of his time to research and help me. Currently he is helping me with a interactive map of Georgia with cities that are clickable.He has spent hours working with the coding and even pu
Everybody here is going to need images and Free is best...Im I right :) Depending on your niche this site could be perfect. It is for my niche which is Georgia coast All pics are under the creative common license just give credit to the photographer . Images are avail in many sizes. You can download or I save as. Iam finding hundreds and hundreds of pictures that is perfect for my site.Alot of the pictures are taken from people on vacation and post