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Sono klaudi, un lottatore di brazilian jiujitsu. Sto cercando di costruire un business online in modo da potermi permettere di avere più tempo per potermi allenare e spero ti poterci riuscire con voi.
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HowardJaros Premium
Welcome to Premium Wealthy Affiliate Klaudi!
OCTeam Premium
Welcome to the WA community! We wish you a very successful journey! Kind regards, Rachel and Sonia ;-)
PMbaluka Premium
Hey there,

A warm welcome to WA premium community. Indeed you made the best decision! You now have accessibility to all the tools you require in building your online business.

The biggest asset you have here is the best community that will ignite and propel you towards attaining your financial success. So don't get stuck in any way when you can get assistance at any time here.

Wishing you success in all you do.

klaudi Premium
Thank you
dbriley Premium
Congrats on going premium! Learning and building your business here is a wonderful experience.
celiacman Premium
Welcome To WA
VicLees Premium
Hello, I just wanted to take the time and welcome you to WA Premium! You will not regret your decision. I wish you much success in your new business.
onmyownterms Premium
Welcome to WA!

You may find this post helpful on your journey.
herinnelson Premium
Hi Klaudi and great decision going Premium! You've now just launched your business to the moon! See you there! Erin
Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
klaudi Premium
I probably think I already have a niche :)
Kyle Premium
A niche can honestly be anything, what are you passionate about? What are you interested in?

When deciding on a niche and trying to narrow down to a more specific niche, I recommend you ask yourself the following question:

I want to help people that ______________.

Fill in the blank and you are going to be much closer to a specific audience. After you do this and if you want to run any further ideas by me, let me know and I will give you a hand. :)
klaudi Premium
I am an athlete, I want to help beginners who start practicing brazilian jiujitsu with my method that has no one (I have not seen anyone yet). What has always stopped me is my fear of exposing myself to others for fear of being judged and also because I have never been followed by someone
Kyle Premium
Yeah, that is most definitely the direction you could head with your niche. If this is something that you are passionate about, definitely go for it Klaudi!
klaudi Premium
:) thank you
Kyle Premium
No problem Klaudi, wonderful to have you here at WA and I really do look forward to working with you! Get in touch with me if you ever need anything :)

PS. I hope you have a very nice, relaxing and enjoyable weekend! :)
klaudi Premium
You know it does not seem true that you respond to my messages! From what I have been able to see in these few days, it seems to me a very valid platform, rich in content but more important is an active community which is really the most beautiful thing. Maybe you do not care but in a month I will leave my job to dedicate myself fully to the study of online marketing and I think I will do it with you. I have had disappointments lately relying on platforms that have been closed leaving me halfway, I hope it does not happen here too.
Thanks klaudi
Kyle Premium
Everybody earns money at a different rate, so it really depends on the person. I have actually created a discussion on this that will put things into perspective for you here: Have a read of that, I know it will give you a lot of insight into this exact topic. ;)

The first month is typically your foundation building stage. In order to build a website that earns you consistent revenue, you need this foundation. After this, you are going to start seeing traffic and as you build this out, there are many different ways in which you can generate revenue.

Personally it took me into my 3rd month of busting my butt to make my first dollar online, by month 6 though I was making consistent income and by the year mark, I was almost full time.

But guess what would have happened if I quit during those first two "trying" months. I would not be where I am at today. Just wanted to put things into perspective for you.

I am in this journey with you, so is the community here at WA. If you want to jump in, work hard, take action, and persist. Amazing things can and will happen!
DDADDD Premium
Hello Klaudi,

Here is Davide and I'm writing this message to you to congratulate for your choice to join Wealthy Affiliate!
This is by far the most awesome community on the net and I' sure you are going to love it.

Whatever is your current level of knowledge and expertise, here you will find the best training available on the entire net to help you achieve success with your online activity.
Lots of resources are available for free to everyone. Some of the materials, however, are only available to premium members.

For a limited time you will have access to all the features without having to pay a single cent. This is to give you the opportunity to get a taste of how awesome Wealthy Affiliate really is!
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So what are you going to get as a premium member? The most comprehensive Internet training program on the net!

There are courses for every aspect of Internet marketing, from creating your very first website to make it become an authority in your niche.

The most incredible thing here in Wealthy Affiliate is the caring and helping community of users: people like me and you who help each other by asking and answering any type of question, exchanging opinions and tips and encouraging one another. The community is indeed one of the main reasons why lots of people decide to go premium. I'm sure you are going to love it too!

But that's not all.

With the premium membership you will also have the best and most reliable host service on the net where you will be able to have as many websites as you want without having to pay anything more.
This service alone is worth the entire sum, Feel free to check by yourself the prices charged by other hosts for a similar service.

Last but not least, I am here to help you in everything I can; so, you can contact me at any time and I'll get back to you very soon.

Now I suggest to spend your time exploring Wealthy Affiliate, and getting to know and interact with other members.
I know it can be a little overwhelming at first, so take your time.

Best of luck