My Personal Progress - 10 Days with the WA Family!

Last Update: October 15, 2019

Me oh my, what an incredible 10 days it has been with the Wealthy Affiliate community. I honestly couldn't be happier with all that I have experienced and accomplished thus far!

When I came across a WA advertisment on Youtube close to two weeks ago, I thought the opportunity sounded, well... "A little too good to be true".

However, I was SO eager to create a life for myself that I could truly be proud of, I have wanted to start my own business for as long as I can remember. It's amazing how I happened to stumble across this platform at exactly the right time. I don't know about all of you but I am such a huge believer of the saying "What's meant to be, will be".

And I think this really is mean't to be!

My Opinion on the WA Community

I think this would have to be my favourite part of the journey so far. I know so many people everyday write about how amazing this community is, how helpful everyone is and how supported they make you feel but seriously... it's the truth!

I would like to take the time to personally thank every single one of you that I have come into contact with to date. Whether you have helped me with a question, sent me a message, left a beautiful comment on my website or offered your lovely support & kind words to me in some way... THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart. You have all given me so much confidence and motivation to reach for my dreams and to never give up no matter what challenges I face along the road.

The Niche I Have Chosen to Focus On

I am someone who is passionate about a whole lot of things and I find it hard to make quick decisions. I am someone who wants to be able to do it all and experience it all! Can any of you reading this relate?

After quite a few days of deliberation about what to focus my niche website on (believe me when I say I had two whole pages of ideas), I decided to go with something that is very prominant in my life right now and has been for many years... Pilates.

Pilates is a great love of mine and probably always will be. From a young age I have always loved creative and expressive styles of exercise such as dance, yoga, aerobics and gymnastics to name a few. It made perfect sense for me to focus my precious time and energy on something that lights me up from within.

Whilst I still have a fair way to go with the development of my niche website, I already know that I intend to make it an ultimate collection of Pilates reformers, equipment, accessories and reviews for enthusiasts of all levels.

If you're interested in taking a look at my progress and content so far, I welcome you to click on my website link below :)

What Have I Accomplished?

I am not the type of person who likes to "toot my own horn" BUT in this particular instance I feel it's perfectly okay to be 110% proud of everything I have achieved no matter how big or small.

Never did I ever think it would be possible to change career industries so quickly and easily. Never did I ever think I would have my own website, let alone in 10 short days. Never did I ever think it would be possible to be apart of such a kind and caring community that only has my best interests at heart. And, never did I ever think it would be possible to actually ENJOY studying.

My goodness was I wrong...

Not only have I single handly created a niche website that I am beyond proud of and that reflects who I am as I person in only 10 days but:

- I have learnt a whole new set of incredible business tactics

- I am continuing to learn & grow every single day

- I have improved my writing skills ten fold

- I have connected with a bunch of beautiful, like-minded people

- My platform rank is continuing to drop day by day AND...

- Yesterday was the first day that comments started rolling in on my website content

There is still a great deal of work to be done on all aspects of my business but at this point in time, I am feeling more motivated than ever before.

My Short-Term Goals Moving Forward

Whilst I have many long-term goals written down, it's the shorter-term goals that I am truly focussing on at the moment. Baby steps as they say.

1. Starting immediately, a goal of mine is to get a whole lot better with my time management and productivity. I will be setting weekly and daily goals to achieve and, breaking up my daily goals into smaller, more managable steps so that I don't feel overwhelmed with the workload.

2. By the end of the month, I would like to have written another minimum of five, keyword rich articles for my website.

3. Also by the end of this month, I would like to have monetized my website in a number of ways and have affiliate marketing links on my pages.

Once again, I would like to say a huge thank-you to you all for being so damn lovely, supportive and encouring throughout this entire process. I really am having the greatest time with WA so far!

If you have any words of advice or tips & tricks for me moving forward... I would absolutely love to hear from you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and have a great day :)

Kiara xx

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klchang Premium
Welcome, Kiara, to Wealthy Affiliate.
You have come to the right platform to learn how to build an online business. You should have gone through some of the lessons. Why not continue with the rest, when you are ready? Glad that you enjoyed learning here ... great looking website too. Keep going and all the best. Be happy.
KJorgensen Premium
Thanks so much!

I have just completed the Phase 2 training modules and tomorrow will be moving on with Phase 3 :)

All the very best with your continued success online.

Aussiemuso Premium
Thanks for sharing your journey Kiara. You are going to be so successful with your website.
You have a lovely way of writing and we can all feel the enthusiasm.

KJorgensen Premium
My pleasure! Thank-you Lily, that is so kind of you to say :)

I hope you're having a great day!

Aussiemuso Premium
Congratulations on all you have achieved Kiara. Lots of great goals that you have already achieved.
You are heading for success.

Keep up the pace and well done.

DarrenNicola Premium
Hello Kiara and thanks for sharing your progress today.
You have done so well in just a short time, you will do well here and we wish you much more continued progress and success.
Keep up the good work, the best is yet to come.
Have a great day on the Sunny Coast.
Darren :)
KJorgensen Premium
Thanks so much guys! You have been so friendly and supportive towards me, can't thank you enough :)

Hope you're having an awesome Wednesday!

judym Premium
Welcome to WA! Wishing you the very best of success here and online.

Thanks for a great post, I enjoyed reading this. Looking forward to following your journey here!

Judy :)
KJorgensen Premium
Thanks Judy! I really appreciate it :)