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This month has been one of the most different months of my whole life. As a person who wasn't initially familiar with web designing, business, affiliate marketing etc. I didn't have much confidence and I met several difficulties this month.I had to learn and master several techniques in order to get results from my work. Mixed emotions filled my mind every day and I pushed hard to get here today. I will explain in detail what happened below...Did I Make Any Money?I begin with the money because
It's almost been three weeks since I first registered in WA, just to see what this platform is about. In a week, I had my website up and running, and I posted content related to my niche. Here is my three weeks in WA to show you guys how far I've come and share my advice with you. I am going to be posting every week about my progress with my website, so stay tuned!Creating ContentIt's been three weeks of hard work, I have to be honest with you. These days I've been trying really hard to do well
Hello everyone! My name is Kyriaki and I am a university student. I aspire to become an affiliate marketer, so two weeks ago, I applied at WA. Here is my story so far!My First DayBefore applying at WA, I was searching the web for easy ways to make money just like many people around the world. I was always excited about posting stuff on the Internet and it was really curious about the what influencers did for a living, however I never thought about creating websites and posting my content there.
I am so happy! I have been in WA for almost a week and my website just got indexed by Google. I am really excited and looking forward to the future! I hope you all are doing well!Cheers,Kyriaki
After completing the 1st Level, I decided to go Premium, and I m so excited. WA seems to be amazing so far and I hope I can achieve my goals and meet new people on the way! I'll soon let you know how everything goes. How about you guys? How has your experience here at WA been so far?Cheers,Kyriaki