Why I choose Wealthy Affiliate over other companies.

Last Update: September 25, 2014

Hello, my name is Kimberly. I want to discuss some of the questions you may have about Wealthy Affiliate I know most are answered threwout Wealthy Affiliate but for all of you whom I have recommended Wealthy Affiliate to, I would like you to hear my thoughts and personal feelings about my time here so far and what I have accomplished within that time. (Which hasnt been long!)

I'll start from the begining. Just over 6 years ago I became a mother. I was so excited and couldnt wait! I had know idea what I was doing! None! I for one was told it would be very hard if not impossible for me to conceive a child. So even tho I was younger (21) I was super excited. I had a great job, my own place in which I had since I was 18, just all around stable at the time. I thought I had my family to help me out with babysitting once I went back to work. I was also determind to go to school and become certified in my job. Well all of those plans changed very quickly once my little girl was born. I worked nights and having to be up so early with her and not having any help at all and then becoming a single mom when she was only 1month old, my life felt as if it came crashing down on me. I had no choice but to pick myself up and continue to move forward because now I was a mother. A single mother with absolutely no help at all.

Well one day I had seen an advertisement for a work at home jib and of course I clicked on it. I remember this job only because it was the first place to scam me and not just out of my time but every dime i had saved up to thst point! I had no idea people actully could do such things or even be allowed to scam people the ways that theu scammed me. Broken again, I somehow found the strength to continue moving forward. I struggled to pay my rent and bills, finding a reliable babysitter was a full time job itself let alone working full time.

Now even tho I had been scammed, and seriously bad, the hole work from home idea just kept my mind going. You always hear about these average people who somehow make it big online and over the years the more success stories I heard. Well why couldn't I be one of those success stories? I then began looking and researching all sorts of companies online to work for and now over 6 years later I seen that that was my first problem! I was looking to work for someone else! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I had what it took to run my very own business. That is until I recently found Wealthy Affiliate!

Since I have found wealthy Affiliate, I have not only learned how to run my own business but how to do it all in just a few hours aday and even from my smartphone! Yes! I built and manage my entire online presence on my smartphone! It was a challenge but it's all I have, so i had to make it work. I became overwhelmed so many times with so many things but being apart of Wealthy Affiliate, I was never overwhelmed for very long. And I realized that its 100% normal to become overwhelmed and very easily when learning something new! I felt better already knowing I wasnt the only one. Having the training, the owners Kyle and Carsen, and the wonderful community here all right by my side threwout my entire training and still today, gave and still gives me, the trust and the faith that I too, could do this!

Now I am sure your asking yourself why Wealthy Affiliate over the hundreds of other companies just like this. The answer is simple. There is no other program or training like Wealthy Affiliate! Even those companies who charge hundreds, even thousands of dollors do not compare to the absolutely free membership and training you receive here at Wealthy Affiliate! If you choose to upgrade to a premium membership which is only $47 a month after the first month, which is only $19 and you get it all! But dont rush to anything! I didnt but only because I couldn't. I literally couldn't afford the $19 until recently once I had actully made some money on my website which I made for free right here at Wealthy Affiliate! I chose to reinvest the money I began making so I would be able to begin earning more then I was. Which is why my site and profile in basically under construction at the moment. I am migrating into my new website with a domain I own. And I cannot tell you how awsome going premium has been! The what seems like an endless supply of training and people here for me night and day to answer any and all of my questions is absolutly amazing! I love my community here at Wealthy Affiliate and I know you will also!

So I am sure your still very sceptic and thats ok! I was too! Thats why I highly suggest you join for free and work the program and learn as much as you can along with creating your free website ( you get 2 free websites by the way!!!) And following the lessons just as Kyle and Carson tell you to do and before you know it, you will get your first check in the mail! Do not skip any lessons or training! Each and every step is crucial to your success! This is not a race! Take your time and really learn everything. I will say I am so happy that I did and you will be too!

I am sure your thinking " but I know nothing at all about any of this, will I still be able to succeed?" Absolutly! I knew nothing about creating a website or even how having a website could even make me money! But once I sat back and began the courses here at Wealthy Affiliate, I knew very quickly that they were different from every other company and or training program out there. Finally, I have found my key to success and I am determind to succeed!

Sitting here only a few months after discovering Wealthy Affiliate, I am so proud of myself and so egar to continue learning and growing! I have learned so much and for once I am finally seeing results from my work! I have reached personal goals I have had set for years! That alone is more rewarding then money, well sometimes! ;) Earning money and running my own website and knowing I created my site all by myself, is beyond any feeling I can describe! It is flat out awsome! And Now I want to share my story with the world! I want to help as many people as I can! I want to share everything I have learned so far so these scam artists will no longer be able to scam! And one of my goals in life is to help others like me acheive finacial freedom and true happiness! As long as you want it and you never give up you will get there! If I was able to get where I am at, then anyone can! And I have only just began!

I am very excited how the next few months goes. With what I have already acheieved and now being able to create a website with a domain I own is absolutly awsome to me. I shut down my former website to take the time to build my new site, which is basically an all around upgrade to my first site. I have learned so much more over the past few weeks that I am truely excited to be building Bloggerz Nation. My site will be ul and ready within a week and I hope I can get as much feedback as possible. My site is currently publish although I have many changes to put forth and many additions going into it over the next week. I published it so anyone who wants to take a look and give me any type of feedback, advice or opinions, please do! You can email me at EmailMe@bloggerznation.com anytime and I will truely appreciate all input, critiques and advice! Im still very new to all of rhis and I know this certinly wo t be my last site but it will truely be an upgrade to my first site! So please take a look at www bloggerznation.com and keep checking back to see the progress I have made!

Also please always feel free to leave me a comment, question or even share a bit if your story! I would love to hear from you! And as always please email me anytime at


Thank you for reading my blog!


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Ken-Pringle Premium
Kimberly, you are doing fantastic, thank you for sharing your story.
Others do need to hear this great encouragement, form members.
Keep up the great work, successes will continue to grow as well.
Maxiam59 Premium
thank you have r sharing your story you surely have put your and soul into it all the best
Kimberly131 Premium
Thank you and yes I certinly am putting my heart and soul into this! :)
Debbi26 Premium
That's inspirational, Kimberly. I've heard a lot of good things about Eddy as well. Thanks for sharing your story. ~Debbi
Kimberly131 Premium
Thank you for the wonderful comment and yes Eddie has been nothing short of amazing! :)
EddySalomon Premium Plus

I'm so happy that I was able to introduce you to WA because you are clearly very happy and running with what you're learning here!
Kimberly131 Premium
I truely am. I cannot wait until I can advance further! It's been a real struggle getting everything done without a computer. I have done it all from my smartphone. It's a note 3, so kinda big but still, if I had access to a laptop right now, I would already be so much further!
You have been a great inspiration to me and I want to prove to you, Kyle and Carson, the world and myself that I can do this and that everything that happened to me in the past was all for a reason! Being scammed sucks to say the least but hopefully I can use all those bad experiences for some real good and allow it to guide not only myself but others as well, to never getting scammed again! Thank you so much and I am thrilled that I have finally found the tools and the support I need to succeed! :)
EddySalomon Premium Plus
Wow, I can't believe all you have accomplished on a smartphone. This is challenging enough without technical limitations so I applaud you. I truly believe you will be able to accomplish your goal! And I'm looking forward to hearing about it when it happens!
JustinPerry Premium
I am glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate, it's like one big happy family here! It seems as if you have found a good niche for yourself and things are moving in a great direction for you. I will certainly take a look at your website soon and I will give you some feedback if you'd like.
All the best,
Kimberly131 Premium
Thank you so much! I would love for you advice! I will also be delighted to look at your and provide the best advice and opinion that I have in hopes it will help you reach your goals sooner! :)