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Yesterday I tried to find an answer in how to upload a PDF file here in my post. It turned out to be a bit more complicated as I thought.Yes, I do know how to do it on my website but, nevertheless I will share the whole article and there you can download the PDF file for yourself if you find it useable and interesting enough.It certainly was for me and I hope you will enjoy the information too. the bestLove
Even though, I am not Irish, but who really knows this stuff anyway, I like to celebrate this special GREEN day.Therefore, a Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone and use this as an excuse to slack off a bit from your hard work here at WA. :)Wishing also everyone lots of Luck and that you will find the Pot of Gold pretty soon.
Doubt, fear, anxiety and more is never an option when you want to be successful.May these quotes lift you up whenever you need it!Talk to you later
Happy Monday everyone and have a great week ahead. Here in Ontario we are preparing for, and hopefully last, another Winter storm.Anyway, the following picture speaks for itself and I hope you do ask yourself, honestly, on which step you can find yourself.Remember, there is always room for improvement and to go forward, meaning, higher. :)Sometimes we will fall up the stairs sometimes we fall down. Climbing up the stairs of success is rarely a consistent one, it can happen, though.The reality,
Hi folks,As you all probably know, using the Comment Section to either offering or requesting a comment on someone's website or your own, is helping to rank better in Google. The same also goes for asking or giving a Feedback.Google likes to see good and vivid engagements and will reward it, or not, with a good ranking place of your articles and posts.However, this is not the point, today, I like to make with my post. I have recently asked for some comments to articles on my 3 websites, and 99%
Hi folks,Here are two useful editing tools, for FREE, which you can use for your next Video project.Free Copyrighted Music Free Copyrighted Video Loops I hope you like it and may want to use it in one of you next video projects, I certainly do.Have a great week aheadLove
Who uses the WP plugin to place Google AdSense on their website, like myself, has to do some changes.According to an email from Google AdSense (received today) this plugin will be deprecated in May 2017.The email shows 2 different options what can be done and how further to proceed.I used a snipping tool to show the email I have received.So, if you are using this plugin you have to make some changes pretty soon, if you don't you can't later do any changes to the ads anymore.Now you know and can
We all do need help sometimes and this is just a fact. However, we also have an issue with asking for help.Some will see it as being incompetent when asking, others will think that they might be stupid, others, again, think asking for help is even shameful and that they cannot do it by themselves.Whatever the reason might be for not asking for help, it is not a mistake or wrong to ask. Sometimes we do need a helping hand.Wealthy Affiliate is such a helping hand. Kyle and Carson have created a p
We have the tendency to make simple things complicated and by doing so we also may sabotage not just ourselves but our Success too.Simple, right?Love
Besides, panic is never a good adviser or helps with anything.We all do run dry once in a while by finding and creating new content for our sites, here is what I will do.Every 40+ days or so I go through a previous post. Reading an older post after quite some time will let you seeGrammar and Spelling mistakesRearrange your paragraphs perhaps the whole contentChanging MediaBut also don't forget to edit your publishing date and time as well. and voila you have a "re"new content, and you still get