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The following two pictures will sums it up perfectly that Success isn't always what you think it is, hence what you see.Success is very personal in its perception of an individual but also has its definite rules in how to reach it.Judge for yourself.
Wishing everyone who celebrates it a Happy Easter or just a wonderful long weekend. :)Love
This quick post is a reminder to all of us that we won't always get it "Right" despite our positive intentions.This can be by not keeping up with creating new content for our website(s), or finding the right right words when asking a questions or even reply to the same with a comment.Every person has its filters and will perceive it in a particular way, and sometimes a person might have some hidden "aggressive" tendency in the way they wording themselves or what they like to bring across withou
I had recently discovered some performance issue with Google Chrome and also have asked the WA community about it.This is the reason why I love WA if you are in trouble, or in need of some clarification, you can and will find help here.Well, Chrome is now, for me, reduced to go on Wealthy Affiliate and checking my e-mails.To go on Social Media, which Chrome has lately an issue with, lol, I use Vivaldi Browser which I haven't heard of it before.I like it and I will get to know it better. They ha
This is how I felt most of this week, nothing got accomplished but hey, I am happy it is Friday.I am not feeling good to have wasted a whole week with so much on my "To-do-List", now we have Winter back with 20 cm of snow. Grrrr, certainly not a big motivator for me.Okay, enough self-pity back on the couch and doing what I am good at...."NOTHING"!Happy Friday
I guess once in a while it will come to that what is called "feeling under the weather".Whoever invented it is unknown and today, quite frankly, I give a damn because me too is feeling under the weather; ergo, nothing gets done.Just taking it very slow.If the same is happen to you don't panic always believe and know that better days are ahead. No need to beat yourself up.Love
We all have set our goals, dream of an achievement down the road and love to be successful in our chosen field. Whatever it is you have set your eyes on this is also called a LIFE PURPOSE.We all do have at least one major Life Purpose and perhaps many more minor Life Purposes which in the end will lead is to the one major LIFE PURPOSE.However, to get there or to be aware this is the ONE has its trial and tribulations. There will be lots of questions like "Why Me"? "Who Am I To Deserve This..."?
I worked as a teacher and being a Life Coach, motivation and inspiration, are one of my tools to help a client to see more "clearly" and "honestly" what might be the reason, problem etc. to not getting there where they want to be.Every person is different and therefore, a problem is being perceived, dealt with, and resolved differently as well.There is no one problem one size fits all. They might, though, have similarities and yet they are still felt differently too.What is your (current) probl
March 21, 2017
..Hi folks,This following picture sums it up so well.The ladder to success is divided in many smaller ladders each one as important as the first one and the one thereafter.Keep climbing these ladders, this is my advice and motivation!Love
Google will discontinue the use of the ANNOTATION Editor on May 2nd, 2017.Existing Annotations will remain but can't be edited anymore only deleted.The reason is that over 60% of YouTube users are coming from mobile devices and this can't be no longer ignored.I have provided a link, from Google, announcing it so you can read it for yourself. had huge problems in the beginning when staring creating videos to use the tool of Annotation, but Ma