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When I came along this blog through Google Plus I immediately bookmarked it and by reading through the content I learned another use of Google Alert.But, to make it easier for all of us I will post this link and you can read what this person does to confront those thieves. good to get informed.Have a nice day
Voila, I rest my case :)Have a wonderful week ahead.
Who have read my post from yesterday do know what I am talking about less then 48 hours I reached over 1000 people on Facebook with only one of my Fan pages and with two of my is the newest snippet to prove it.This is the very first time and I certainly like to keep up the momentum and like to encourage everyone who thinks about it to create a Facebook Fan page for a website they have created.It is certainly a good way to prom
A while ago Jay's Live Class had some training how to promote yourself on Facebook and also how to use YouTube videos in our online marketing.I give Jay credit for my success. :) Thanks for all lthe help you are giving us! But, there is also more training available from other WA members and they as well kicked everything up a notch for me, I only have to implement it.Here are a couple of snippets to show you how many people have been reached with one of my articles on my very first website, cre
April 30, 2017
This will be certainly my Monday Rule this time. LOL I love Mondays :) You too?
i have wrote about using Google Alert, a few days ago, and how important it is to have signed up with Google Alert. Here is the previous post for those who don't know what I am talking about., however, I like to share something I never thought of it would also happen due to using Google Alert.I am a Life Coach and, of course, one of my sub-domains is about Life Coaching.Now, through Google Alert, I came along an article where a Life Coac
I always wondered how do I write, pronounce even structure my sentences the right way in the English language?If you are a none native, like myself, to the English language it can get really very confusing, especially when you are with an American, an Australian and an English person, and they even can agree on a simple spelling task.Well, we have to blame history for that and I found this animated video where it will be explained how British and American parted ways in the English language.For
I have,in recent days, bookmarked varies articles related to my different niches.It is mind blowing the information, of new research and much more, regarding to my niches I am interested in.If you haven't done so just yet, please, do it you won't regret it, ever.Here is also a training I once did about Google Alert.It is so simple to do but so important. fun staying on top of your nich of interest.
No, not what you might think.So, it is Monday and you need or want to write a post, look at a tutorial ask or answer a question and you can't do it because of time issues?Well, let me tell you this, time isn't the issue it is YOU, like to procrastinate, again.I am saying this because Time is an Illusion, we actually have created time the way we know it off today so we can "structure" our days.Therefore, we are not lacking of time but of structuring the same.Learning how to structure a workday,
i was raised with proper manners and one of the major watch out for my parents was "not" to talk back by either shook your head, raise your shoulders or saying stuff like "ha" or "duh". The reaction from my parents, well, it wasn't priceless to me for sure. LOLFast forward, time doesn't stagnate nor is it or will it be stay the same, and when I came across this quote from Andy Warhol I couldn't resist to share it with the WA community.Life is not always a box of chocolate, "So What"Sometimes yo