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September 09, 2017
We had a long weekend in last week and it always screws up my schedule because of the Monday being a Holiday.Therefore, Tuesday becomes the new Monday and so on, you'll get the picture.Anyway, I had some trouble with not receiving comments on my site from others but nothing, apparently, was wrong! So what was it then? Perhaps the whole energy field, worldwide being so interrupted, had something to do with it?Perhaps the recent Solar Flares, which is known can cost some major interruption with e
UPDATE: Unfortunately, I made a Boo boo with my title. I certainly do mean SiteContent instead of SiteComments. However, for some reasons I meant the one and wrote the name of the other.My sincere apologies for this confusion. SylviaFor the last three days I was creating a new Content for one of my sites using the new SiteContent Feature.So far, i must say, I am impressed and I wrote a post worth over 2000 words, it was actually more fun than work. LOLThe Grammar and spelling tool is okay but i
August 15, 2017
Probably not the topic you had in mind, right?Well, after over a month being under the radar, meaning, not as much active here at WA as I used do I thought I will start with this picture.I also had with my Desk PC quite a few issues myself and this picture does represent my feelings and "evil" wish what I could do to my PC.Anyway, folks always try to stay cool when trouble occurs it is better for your health and, of course, for the business as well.Seeing you guys around, lots of catching up t
Unhappiness can be interpreted in different ways depending which side of the spectrum you are. However, the part of unhappiness usually comes from overthinking.Therefore we can overthink things to the core and when we doing it this will make us unsatisfied which will lead to unhappiness.Being an online marketer or just starting a new online business for the first time can trigger these feelings and conditions of unhappiness because of we, as humans have a huge tendency to be "super perfect" rig
Are You Ready?Not everyone will support you!Not everyone will even understand you why you are doing what you are doing!Sometimes people might even turn their Back on you!Whatever it might be or happening right now, stay strong!!!Be prepared to walk alone if necessary,However, if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate you will find and have all the support you might need, morally, emotionally but most of mentally to stay focused and to know how to do the right steps to reach your personal and bus
Yup, coming on to the computer I found this image and of course when Google changes its normal presence than there must be someone's anniversary of some sort.So I hovered over the image and it says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLVIA"Well, it made me laugh and I thought this is really cute too. I also clicked on the image and read a few historic events once happened on June 8, quite interesting too.But, I also being here almost 3 years at Wealthy Affiliate, at least it is the 3rd time I do celebrate my Birt
Today was my "educational" Monday watching a few tutorials or reading them, but also have checked some articles from other sources which I also have found really helpful in the past when it comes to learning about internet marketing.To make it short here is the direct linkhttp://wealthmissionpossible.c...Please leave a comment if you agree or even have a different experience with it.We are all here to learn.
June 03, 2017
After another full week of work, and yes, it actually never ends, here is some weekend fun for all the cat lovers and those who like to become one, or not.You deserve some restful moments only a cat really understands :)Be relaxed like a cat and give a damn what others think about you. :)Have a wonderful fun-filled weekend.
PayPal has made some changes, again, to its usage.Although, whoever has a PayPal account will or should receive an email with the changes they are making.The sneaky part of PayPal's announcement that it came a few days too late according to what they have written in their statementWell, today is June 1st and if I would like to act on it as being mentioned in their agreement I am already late to do so.Anyway, for those who might have missed their notification here is the link.https://www.paypal.
Well, yes, it is a long weekend here in Canada.It's called Queen Victoria Day.Although, this Lady is long gone, then why do we celebrate her Birthday?You know what? The heck with it, it is a long weekend, the weather is nice and the BBQ is cleaned. :)Have a wonderful, long or short, weekend :)