What Happens To Our Headings When Using Our Blog or Site Content

Last Update: April 19, 2018

H1 Heading

This post was created to see if there was a difference in how the headings looked for H1, H2, and H3 from our WA Blog site vs Site Content! When I did this comparison I was also using Chrome as my browser.

This group of headings is from the WA Blog Site

H2 Heading

This is the second heading from my blog

H3 Heading

This is the third and last heading I am checking on my blog

As you can see, the Heading formats are slightly different from our Blog and also Site Content which is below.

I thought I would do this to see if there was a difference after Erin had written a post about her H2 Heading not working correctly in her posts.

After I post this article we will see if everything remains the same as when I have finished with this post!


The heading formats below are what I copied and pasted from Site Content, so we can have a comparison between how things look from a post on our "WA Blog Platform" vs how they look when copied and pasted to our WA Blog Platform from "Site Content".

I hope this helps!

H1 Heading

I am wondering if when I create this blog if my headings will work correctly, starting with H1, followed by H2, H3.

H2 Heading

Am wondering if this heading will be slightly smaller than the first one

H3 Heading IS My Last Heading

Am wondering if this heading will be slightly smaller than the previous two headings before submitting this post to my WA blog!

I copied this from what I wrote in Site Content to find out what happens with the headings when inserted in our WA blog!

As you can see, the Headings H1, H2, H3 when copied from Site Content to the WA Bolg as a post are the same!

I hope you found this comparison helpful for using Site Content or when creating a post from our Blog!


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Internetgranny Premium
Interesting test... Carson would be the best person to explain (or figure out).
Larmu189 Premium
Great post. Thanks for share
DianneBee Premium
Yes Tim I've noticed that headings have to be edited in WP editor, to get the size desired. Cheers!
Kickbacked Premium
I wonder why they do not work on the editor for our posts and also if copied and p[asted from site content editor to this platform.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Tim.
Kickbacked Premium
Well, this test did not go very well, I created this blog with H1, H2, and H3 headings in it using the WA Blog and also copying and pasting from Site content to this post. The only heading which remained in effect was the H3 Heading.........hmmmmmmmm!

I wonder why. Everything looked correct before I published this post, after posting the H1 & H2 Headings ended up looking as if they were part of a paragraph!

Like I mentioned in the article, I was using Chrome as my browser setting.

I just ran a test also to see if things were because of a browser issue, so I published my post from site content to a test website I have and that turned out fine.....so definitely not a browser issue!