A Reflection of My Last 6-Months in WA

Last Update: January 01, 2018

Hi and welcome WA members to my 6-Month Review

I just completed 6-months here at WA and I thought I would give a reflection of what occurred during the process.

I was quite ambitious the first couple of months here in WA until I went on vacation! I was in the top 100 by my 3rd month and was holding steady in the mid-70s until about the last 3 weeks.

During the last 3-weeks I was spending more time on working on my website called ABloggersHeart, I re-vamped my theme in December. When I first started I was having a hard time picking out a theme I liked, am not sure if many of you have had the same issue or not when you first started. Anyways in mid-December, I switched my theme from being Crocante to a theme called Simple Catch. I really like the way this website interacts with the audience from the plug-ins that I selected.

I had a hard time picking a niche, and it seems like many here also have the same issue when first starting. It was not until I almost finish my 6-months here that Boomer had posted an article about websites and niches which I wish would have seen when I started! This really clarified things and gave me a fresh new outlook ~ 6-months later!

Here is Boomer's link for the info: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co...

To those who are new members here in WA who are struggling in what to do. I would suggest reading the above link! It really clarifies things and puts what you need to do in perspective. A definite must read!


I will mention a couple of phrases I use which are KISS ~ Keep It, Simple Simon, my motto be "Persistent and Consistent", and "Slow and Steady Wins The Race" KISS ~ Keep It, Simple Simon, I will continue mentioning it so it sticks with you! KISS ~ Keep It, Simple Simon, don't overthink or dwell on things.

1) Goals

If you do not create a list of goals or if you are not planning on having any, you may as well quit now!

Without them, you will not succeed. Something I call a reality check or tough love! You need to have goals, you need to prioritize the goals you wish to accomplish, you need to write these goals down on at least 3 sheets of paper and put them in areas where you will see them each day to stay focused. Write your goals down and place them in areas such as your bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, computer, the dash of your car, on the back of your phone or tablet. You need to create and have a timeline or time-frame in which you plan on accomplishing these goals ~ examples are a 1-month plan, a quarterly plan, a 1-year plan followed by a 2-year plan and finishing with a 5-year plan etc. A successful person has a plan!

Work from the top down on your list of goals, when you finish a goal continue down the list to the next goal on your list and keep continuing to the next one in order of importance ~ do not skip around on your list! When finishing with a goal or if you happen to come across something that interests you add it to your list ~ your list of goals should never stop! If they stop, so will you!

Just like when you were a child learning to walk, do the same when working on your goals. Remember you did not start off running! Slow and Steady Wins The Race!

2) Naming Your Website

I struggled with this when I first started here in WA, I was starting and trying different theme names which I wanted to sound just right to me. In reality, I was just wasting my time.

One thing I have noticed about domain names is this, try keeping it under 10 letters if possible and do not have more than twenty letters in your name.

Remember this word: KISS ~ Keep It, Simple Simon, I will continue mentioning it so it sticks with you! KISS ~ Keep It, Simple Simon, don't overthink or dwell on things.

Just use your screen name which you use here in WA, your first name or the initials of your name with the word marketing. This is what you are here for, to learn how to market yourself and products. Keep this in perspective. An example using my name or screen name could be timsmarketing.siterubix.com or marketingwithtim.siterubix.com, or kickbackedmarketing.siterubix.com, or my middle initials twjmarketing.siterubix.com, I think you can see the basic idea or concept here.

3) Picking a Theme

To new or struggling members who are having a hard time picking or finding a theme start by doing this. Look for a theme which is mobile ready. This is a theme which you can use on your laptop and also on a mobile device such as your phone, it also usually says something like it is HTML ready. Search for a theme which is not only mobile ready but also has the capability of adding e or woo commerce to it at a later time when you are ready. Any type of these sort of themes will be fine.

Remember this word; KISS ~ Keep It, Simple Simon, don't overthink or dwell on things.

4) Creating Your Menu

Your Menu on your website should have at least 5 pages!

It should have these pages:

A) About Me Page

A page which tells about yourself.

B) Your Privacy Page

A page with the disclaimer from the training.

C) A Marketing Page

This page you can use to add content posts about your experience here in WA to start with and build from there as you gain experience.

D) A Hobby or Interest Page

Write about the things which you have a passion or interest in.

E) A Product Review Page

Learn to write reviews about products you use or like from around your house or work.

5) Writing Content ~ BE "PERSISTENT & CONSISTENT" in doing this!

The next area is writing content: Like I stated above we are here to market ourselves or products that interest us.

One of the things I would like to mention here is to make sure you are using Google Chrome for your Browser and also sign up for Grammarly. DUMP FIREFOX or MICROSOFT EDGE!

When writing content, try keeping your posts interesting and colorful, add pictures or graphics, and write posts which are a minimum of at least 1,200 words. USe descriptive words such as drab or bright with descriptive colors to hold your audience captive.The goal of your posts and your website is to hold the person who is viewing your website and reading your posts to remain on your site for a minimum of 3-1/2 minutes. If they are on your site for less then this your site will not rank poorly or not at all. This is what helps with your ranking on GOOGLE and other browsers. (SEO or Search Engine Optimization)

A) Make sure when you are writing you use the site content page. This will help you in keeping track of the number of words written and also spelling mistakes. It also has a free picture feature which you can use also.

When transferring your article from site content to your post on your website, Grammarly will help you in taking care of any other spelling, or punctuation mistakes that site content missed.

B) Write content about your experience here, at least one article each week!

One of the easiest areas to write about while doing your training is about your experience here in WA. Things could be about what you learned from the training, what you learned from someone, what your plans are to reinforce your goals, people you have met, etc.

C) Write content about a hobby or Interest or Passion you have, 1 - 2 articles each week.

Some of mine are Sports Cards, Sports Memorabilia, Coins, Tools, Cars, Electronic gadgets, fishing, camping, traveling.

D) Write about products from around your house or work, it can be about what you like or do not like about the product ~ be honest! Write 1 -2 articles each week

From the above list, I created for you to do. This will give you at least 3 -5 posts each week from three different areas.


When you get to level 3 and are actually getting into the nuts and bolts of looking for products to sell through affiliate marketing, you should have enough articles or posts written to have your website ranked well.

By this time you will also be ready for a .com site.

My motto which is being "Persistent & Consistent" in what you do here in WA and on your website is what matters. I have told this to many who are in my network. By following what I have written here this should help in achieving your goals.

Hope you found this article helpful and interesting!

PS I just developed an awesome Logo and Website.com name ~ I can't wait to get it all put together!


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MKearns Premium
Great goaling Tim. Congratulations on your success!
Kickbacked Premium
Thanks Mike

Much appreciated!

Tammycox Premium
Very informative. You point out alot of issues i haven't thought about. Things are more clear to me now. I can apply a plan for myself. Thanks for the tips
Kickbacked Premium
Thanks Tammy

Put the plan into action! No better time to start than today!

Have a great 2018!

Cindyda1 Premium
Great Job Tim! I've been here now 6 months also (12/22).. Good advice! and good job you've done! Congrats!
Kickbacked Premium
Hi Cindy

Thanks for the reply and have an awesome New Year!

Dhind1 Premium
Thanks Tim, Great post and thank you for Grammarly.
Kickbacked Premium
Thanks and have a great New Year!

DanETD Premium
Thanks for sharing your milestone. All the best for the new year to you.
Kickbacked Premium
Thanks , have a Happy New Year!