My Instagram Will not Increase!

Last Update: June 25, 2019

My Instagram Stays Stagnent

We have been doing Instagram for a while now and have pumped up our followers to a nice looking account.

We had our mojo on for a good 8 months and managed to climb from 200 followers to 8600 followers in that time. This was through being super social and posting regularly. I also took a couple of courses on Udemy to get me ahead.

We Now Travel Full Time

But we have hit a wall, we are fulltime travelers at the moment and post nice pics every day about our travels with our account @gadsventure but we can't seem to reach the magic number of 10K.

I thought our account would boom once we were overseas living the dream but it basically stays at the same level. Not sure what other actions I can take to keep growing my account on family travel.

Any Advice or Tips From Fellow Insta Legends?

If anybody within our group has a special secret they would like to share on Instagram I would love to hear it.

I'm not into the follow, unfollow crap, we are trying to build our brand and network so that we can help more families travel and break free from the mundane life some of us live in.

I Instagram Over Saturated?

This could be the case! I have noticed in 2013 when I had fewer followers my interaction was almost better and my reach was wider compared with now.

Are there too many users on the platform, so no matter how good your content is it will never reach many people unless it is pictures of hot girls etc.

Anyway any thoughts would be great on the subject, thankyou for reading.

Cheers, Brian

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panduru Premium
To remember !

To Your Success!
alias <panduru>
DaisyK78 Premium
I'll be interested to see the replies to your post as I have wondered the same thing. Cheers Daisy
KGads Premium
Probably won't get many replies due to small reach. There are like 500,000 people in here but only maybe 1000 really active people. If everyone was active you would see 500,000 comments or likes etc.
DaisyK78 Premium
That would make a difference for sure!
DarrenAl Premium
You probably know more than me but one of the most likes we had on a post was a picture of fresh doughnuts. Unbelievable when you work hard thinking of what to post and then with a small treat for a friday, an amateur picture and doughnuts gets clicks you wouldn't believe, compared to our other posts. Have you considered a give away, maybe a pic of an ipad/tablet or something to ask people to click follow for a chance of winning an ipad with the draw being made when you hit 10k followers. Just a thought. Good luck.
KGads Premium
Yep, I have run competitions but I think I need to have a bigger giveaway like a house or car.
Not sure if this is just bringing in the wrong followers.
DarrenAl Premium
Do you post on youtube and earn from sponsorships?, just wondering if you can post videos. Maybe more people connect with video. I know you do on FB but can you do it on INSTAGRAM as well? Sorry just thinking out loud.