Inspiration low, resetting for the morning

Last Update: June 05, 2016

Have you ever tried to sit down and write a blog only to find that you just can't get past the first paragraph?I thought I had a great topic for my blog post but I am just unable to get it off the ground tonight, for whatever reason. And that is ok.My husband and I went out to see a band in a neighbouring town last night and so we missed out on a few hours sleep because we were busy having so much fun!And that is just fine.We had an awesome night and I know that tomorrow morning after a great nights sleep tonight, I will be able to attack it fresh with a clear mind and a new perspective.Sometimes you just have to stop trying to force things and be confident in the knowledge that the good stuff will flow, you just have to let it.My inspiration is just having a little rest tonight, tomorrow will be a whole new day! Keen to get back into it!Good night.

edited to add: Thanks for your comments below. This morning the post was much easier to complete! Inspiration is back on track and feeling good for a great week of progress!

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verazhelvis Premium
So very true... We don't need to force ourselves to do things (at least creative things) ... unless we put them off for a very long period... lol :)
Nazmi524 Premium
True enough.
Tezsie Premium
Yup, tomorrow is another day, with a whole 24 hrs to write your blog
JudeP Premium
That's so true - sometimes you just need to step away from it, rather than trying to force things. Good luck with it today :)
Ultimateless Premium
.......and yet here you are Kristine! I love this blog because it's how I feel sometimes! I even write a great title to only look at it the next day and think what was that all about...forgot everything!