First sale!

Last Update: September 12, 2016

Oh my goodness. I have read so many of these posts about first sales and first earnings. I must admit, I have been losing a bit of momentum lately, thinking it would never happen to me.

But lo and behold, someone has clicked through my Amazon link and bought themselves a $99 bed spread. This earns me a massive $4 commission! Wow. I am so impressed and I can already feel the excitement bubbling up and into a new post! New keywords! New momentum!!!

Hooray! I have been looking with trepidation at that 6month deadline for Amazon looming. But now I don't have to worry.

Thanks so much for everyone's help thus far.

I literally can't stop smiling. Here's to the first of many!

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Jpowell1278 Premium
HutchNZ Premium
Awesome news Kristine!
Well done and here's to many more.
NRosales Premium
Congratulations!!! $4.00 is an inspiration to go on.
JudeP Premium
Yay, well done :)
AdrianPrince Premium
Well done Kristine, it give me hope.