Back from holidays and into website work - disclaimer fun

Last Update: July 30, 2016

I just had a fabulous holiday 2weeks in New Zealand with my family. We hired a big motorhome, drove around the south island and did some epic snowboarding along the way. It was so great to show the kids snow for the first time!

But now we are back at home, and straight back to work. I didn't do any new posting in those two weeks, just the odd comment so it is tricky to get back into the groove.

Now I have completed catching up on my mountains of washing, I am finally able to sit down with my faithful laptop and reboot myself from holiday mode into website builder mode again.

My motivation is simple. If I can get this stuff really happening, We can move to New Zealand and do a lifestyle job like a BnB, or a vineyard or something. That way the beauty of New Zealand will be always with me.

I am starting off steadily by adding disclaimers to all my posts and a great disclaimer page to my website. I used one I found at SEQ Legal following some great and timely advice from a fellow member.

Getting my groove back on, and getting back into posting routine is the order of the week.

Thanks for reading, Kris

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Sipke Premium
Hi, your holidays sounds lovely, and I hear you would like to live there. Can I ask why you would use a disclaimer?
KGads Premium
Hi Sipke, I have been looking at sites similar to my magnesium deficiency one, and found that they all use a similar disclaimer at the bottom of each post.
When I looked up the questions on WA, it seems to be recommended so I went through and added it to all my posts.
It can't hurt right?
Ivine Premium
Hi Kris, you has a chill out time. New Zealand is a beautiful country and I had the pleasure of visiting about forty years ago.
I was a sparkie on a big ship then. Irv.
Loubelle Premium
Hi Kris glad you had a lovely holiday. All the best for getting into the groove. Regards
theresroth Premium
Great to have you back, Kris!
JudeP Premium
Welcome back :)