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November 29, 2018
Taking Action vs NothingSimple Take on the DiscussionDo NothingProshmmm yeah OKConsWon't bore you with a billion cons, might actually be moreTaking ActionProsYou will get things doneYou will feel good about yourselfPeople won't hassle youLife will be rewardingConsYou will feel a little more tiredMight miss out on favorite TV showMay have to do something you don't want toPeople May become Jealous of youMy ConclusionIf something is hard to do it is probably worth doing, and doing it well. If som
Another Badge Another Bunch of AmendmentsA B A B ASoon I will CLearning To C (See)I Feel Like I am Back A SchoolLearning My ABC'SWhat I have Learned so FarMaking Content Readable will help you "C"Doing Consistent Work, WIll Give You A Big "D"eal of SatisfactionGetting Distracted seems to be the really big "E"asyNot doing anything will have one outcome a "F"ailureGeeees!!!Seriously How Is This Not School"H"ow I started was a free member, Not l
November 24, 2018
Was Tired Today - Slept inTypical I had plans today to write 1 more post for my website.Grrrr slept in, nice start already behindBetter start looking up some keywords to use.Argh tired can't think what to do today."Dad, can you take my friend and I to the duck park"?Feeling tired I guess I took advantage of the situation, please don't hate me. I sure if you had kids asking you to do stuff all the time you might do the same. I said "What? are you going to make me breakfast and a coffee?". I didn
November 22, 2018
Another Badge EarnedJust Completed 2nd Stage of My TrainingBeen an exciting month. My Blog is coming along nicely. And I am moving forward towards my dreams are You?Please trust me. If I can do it anyone canWhy do I say that?I am currently on a disability pension, suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.I am constantly tired, usually in painI also have a 12yo still living at home out of the 4 children I haveMy wife has health problems to so I also look after herPlease Feel empowered by what I say.D
November 22, 2018
Christmas is Around the CornerChristmas is a time of JoyBefore you know Christmas will be here again.Office Christmas partiesFriends and FamilyCommunityPresents to buySuccess at Wealthy AffiliateNew Premium MembersI personally want to wish everyone here a Merry ChristmasJust a Quick Share Today - Click HereWe all busy this time of year. Make sure you remember your loved ones, Work Colleagues. Even Strangers.Strangers are Just Friends we not met yet.Happy a Fantasic Day
November 19, 2018
Love the TrainingHave to give it to the community here. Very Inspiration, second to none training.Yesterday I spent the larger part of the Day redoing the majority of the posts on my website. I was so proud of myself as the website looked so much better and seemed to laid out a lot better.I decided to move my free siterubix domain to my new paid .com domainI was starting to see where this community could take me and started to see how I would be able to help people myself.Then it HappenedNearl
November 18, 2018
Hoping To Inspire SomeoneFrom the smallest acorn grows the mightiest of Oak TreesThis is how I feel my blog is going.If you are new, please stick with it. I really didn't know that much when I first started. I actually thought I knew a fair bitI had dabbled in the past with online business.Not to successfully though.How the training has helped shape the direction of my workFirst few things I saw I was doing wrong was being unorganisedWas putting way too much in
November 15, 2018
Hey Great Looking People,I am trying out an idea and I can already see pros and cons for what I have done. It involves a quick get start guide. I assume some people would like this content as they are very action orientated. I am however a bit worried about people that pay great attention to detail, and am worried they will just miss the point of what I am doing. Check it out for yourself. You will understand what I am getting at. Lo
November 13, 2018
Wow nearly completed my first month as VIPWhat an incredible month. Firstly I would like to congratulate yourself for following me. I promise to not let you down. I been smashing the training, and loving every second of it. My blog Best Place To have been indexed with google. Already has a page rank 5 out of 10. I am already getting impressions in google search. Trust me, I had no idea how to even get indexed to a search engine before I joined.A Huge Big Thank You To not only my followers,