Quick question, I'm currently at level 2 - lesson 5/10.

I'm supposed to write another blog post containing a certain keyword related to my niche, but the keyword I chose is very related to products.

Since I haven't gotten to the point where we use affiliate links for products (which would be perfect in this case since it's a low competition keyword with lots of traffic), so should I focus on a different - more informative - keyword, or is there a different approach to take?


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jghwebbrand Premium
Since you have not signed up for affiliate links yet and since it is important to get a lot of informational posts on your site to grow site traffic, I would choose another keyword phrase that is informational. You cam also look for questions people have about your niche which are informational when answered. answersocrates.com
anton89 Premium
Thanks a lot!
jghwebbrand Premium
Youa re very welcome.