Hi guys, I found a merchant who sells the product I have done a review on previously. The case is that my review on this product is not great and I rate it a 6.9.

Kyle teaches in training that you still can sell products even though your review about the product is not great.

Would you bother putting affiliate links in a review which you rate a 6.9?

I just can't see people getting excited to buy after reading such a review?

Just curious about your thoughts on this and how you go with promoting products with a mediocre review?

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Dave07 Premium
Hi Jude

You can still add your affiliate link to a review of a product that you say is just ok.
You could write something along the lines of “Those are my thoughts on this product but you can check it out yourself at —-afffiliate link——“

As long as you aren’t actually saying “this product is crap, don’t buy it”, then it’s fine
Jude81 Premium
Thanks Dave, that is a great idea. Keep safe. Jude
Joezout Premium
Jude reviews are only one person's opinion, it's not like you took a poll and then listed the opinion of the poll, that would be much different. You may like blue clothes and I like grey, so you see that's how it goes, to each his own. I would not hesitate to list that product as an affiliate and feel good about it, remember you're selling the product not buying it.

Jude81 Premium
Hi Joe, thanks for your insight on this, I appreciate it. Jude
a1jonuk1 Premium
I think it depends on the product and the person interested in purchasing it.

I might give a product 3 stars out of 5 but that would be my opinion only someone else may think differently.

I would put my affiliate link in there anyway, I have given an honest review now it is up to the reader whether they purchase or not.

Jude81 Premium
Thanks Andy, very true. Thanks for sharing your insight, I appriciate it. Jude
Dorrie1 Premium Plus
I was reading one of the blogs here and he does quit well I think he is in the top ten anyways he also said if it’s a product around like twenty dollars it really doesn’t matter he would purchase or sell but if it’s more than the reviews matter more just a few tips I remembered
Jude81 Premium
Thanks Dorrie, I appreciate it. Thank you for stopping by. Jude
LawrenceHill Premium
Yes .

I have just reviewed 7 products, with review rating from 9 down to 4.

The top 5 products I have stated that I am happy to affiliated with.

The no 6 has a rating of 5.5 overall but has one good aspect which is the reason I state that I will be affiliated with it because that is what people might be after. THIS is what you can do in my opinion, highlight that your are affiliated because of the 'positive parts' of the review that people might be interested in.

The 7th product (even though it looks decent) has had bad press about it's ethics and service, so i've specifically stated that I would not be affiliated with it.

As long as you are being honest. Then all is good!
Jude81 Premium
Thanks for giving your insight on this, I appreciate it.
I do use the product myself and state in my review that I find an ok product but not great in my experience...
Have a great day, Jude