My new niche website is supposed to become a personalized baby gift shop, and I have been thinking about calling it "carolinesgiftshop", as it's hopefully brandable and suits my niche additionally. And as I have my name in it, it may build some "trust" (?) - as it sounds more personal?

However, on the downside, the domain name is rather general too, and I wonder if it's too general? However, I thought it might be a good thing as well, as it makes room to expand the gift shop in the future, from ONLY baby gifts, to gifts for kids, then to gifts for parents, other family members, etc. The idea though is to strictly stick to personalized baby gifts as a narrow niche in the beginning, and I'm sure that it can be done despite the "general" domain name? And I feel that this niche is certainly narrow enough...? I would LOVE your thoughts on this, as I'm slightly stuck! :)

If your advice is to rather keep it very narrow, in the domain name too, other options could be;


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feigner Premium
you can always use your tagline to add the fact that it is personalized baby gifts - and your content will be ranked in google for that niche might be worth keeping the name general and if you expand your niche in the future you can always change the tagline.
good luck
i know that steve from mywifequitherjob started with monogrammed napkins for their wedding and their business grew from there....
Caroline123 Premium
@feigner, that's really helpful! Thank you! :)