HI guys! I read an article about Google hating affiliate links and delaying ranking on posts that had more than 5 to six links. If this is true, how many affiliate links can one include in a post? My niche is clothing and I usually show them seasonally. However I have always limited clothing pictures to maybe 8 because of google. However, after going over my old posts and other blogger with the same niche, I realized that I had far less pictures posted than they.

I want to start to post more pictures but I also want to get ranked. Any ideas?

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TommyPotter Premium
Hi, what Google hates is a bunch of links everywhere on a site. But you can avoid that by centralizing your content. That means writing a post on a specific topic, and then all the posts related to this topic can have internal links to such a post. That way, you will have only affiliate links in specific and relevant pages or posts, not in each of them. By the way, 5 to 8 affiliate links in a lengthy post (1000+ words) would be fair.
merlynmac Premium
If Google deems your site a link site, yes they will ding you for it. That said there are ways to address this:

1) Create stand-alone reviews of items and use your affiliate links there then create a top 5 or 10 list, briefly describing the items and then linking to the more in-depth reviews with the affiliate links.

2) Try to keep to a goal of a 500-word minimum per link in your articles.

In the end, you don't want to look like a link site.
ExpatMark Premium
Your #2 is my #1 thing I try to do. Will start doing your #1. Thanks Scott. Still learning here, and always will be with affiliate marketing.