I discovered it by accident. It has to do with one of the articles I wrote for my website. It's supposed to be a "Low Hanging Fruit" article. I wrote it a while ago after I did my keyword search on it.

The keywords I chose were "How To Protect Your Phone From Hackers". Since it was within the QSR range I was looking for (higher than 30 and less than 100), I chose to write my article using those keywords. The good news is that the article is indexed in Google.

Here's where it gets a little weird. I still had and still have the keywords in a saved list on Jaaxy. The QSR for the keywords I've mentioned here was between 30 and 60 when I originally researched it on Jaaxy and chose it to write content on.

I was on Jaaxy recently and was surprised to discover that the QSR for those keywords rose to 200. How often does that happen? But I've already written the article which I posted months ago. Will this affect my website and algorithm? Do I have to delete my article or can I still keep it?

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richardgb Premium
Hi Tyre ... Do you want to compete? If you do, In your shoes, I'd go to the first page on Google for the keyword, read (or perhaps scan) through at least the top 5 organic answers, and consider re-editing my post to make sure it includes all the relevant key points of the top 5 posts and reads at least as well.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
You should not delete the post. Don't worry what Jaxxy says it changes all the time.
DianeScorpio Premium
The results in Jaaxy are only accurate on the day you look at it. It can change on a daily basis. If you think about it, since you checked in Jaaxy, another 100 people could have written a post using that keyword.

You also need to look at the SEO score. This tells you the authority of your competition. Ideally, this figure should be above 95. For that particular keyword, the SEO score is 83 which is very low.

If you look at your competition on page 1, it includes McAfee, Kaspersky, The Guardian, Bloomberg, etc.

And the posts are between 2100 and 2500 words.

So, in effect, you are trying to beat very well-established websites with fairly long posts.

I wouldn't delete your article. Although it may struggle to rank highly, it will add to your overall authority in your niche.
LaraCro Premium Plus
Hey that's lots of competition? Don't think it will affect but i think it may not rank as well as an article with less competition. I have been learning about Jaaxy the whole day.
Zoopie Premium
If it has already been indexed by Google, don’t delete it. You will just confuse them . I am sure you will get much more advice on this as well.