I've been posting fro awhile following all of WA's suggestions - keyword research etc - but Google Search COnsile tells me noone is seein gmy posts. Any suggestions?

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Aussiemuso Premium
Great advice from Michael and Steph. Perhaps worth you checking your title subject in Google search and seeing what others have written. Maybe your subject matter isn't grabbing the attention of your readers.

Lily 😊
lesabre Premium
Hi Robert,
I would suggest you go to google webmasters tools...Search console...Start now....when you arrive there go to URL inspection click in the blank box enter your Blog/Post URL and hit enter...here google will search that URL and tell you if it has been recognized. If not then click on Live test, it may take a minute for the search also there is that captcha thing... here you will get some results...URL is on google which is good if all is green click on want to be indexed.
If you have gone through all of this, I would also check the results on Bing.

Best wishes,
steeph Premium
Maybe you should promote your site more often. That’s what I do. Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr have been the ones who’ve gotten me some traffic. Always make sure that you follow all the steps to SEO so that google indexes you and then you’ll have more opportunity in the search consoles
RNL Premium
Thx for the reply. I have been following all the steps required and the strange thing is that earlie I was getting indexed but it doesnt seem that I am now! Also I have been promoting on FB and Instagram.
steeph Premium
You can always see what content of yours is indexed on Google by clicking SiteContent on here and going to the detail tab that’s near your word count. Have you tried using Pinterest? That is also a really good site to promote your website.