I have found keyword phrases that fulfil the criteria for low hanging fruit (ie. QSR 100 or less and traffic 50 or more), but when I put them into the google search it says that they have millions of results. Why is this so?

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boomergp08 Premium
Because Google is a search engine and not a keyword research tool. As a search engine it will always give you every single relevant result in whole and in part of your keyword query.

Unless you know of the exact steps to search a keyword in Google, you should never search for them in Google because you will get different results as you have just found out.

To learn of the correct steps you must take before searching your keywords in Google or any of the other search engines, check out the tutorial at the link below. The process is explained.
feigner Premium
because you are telling google to match any or all of your keywords in your query
unless you add quotes around the query google will take the first word and return relevant results and do this for all the combinations of words in your keyword.
so add "keyword" and you will restrict google to what you are reall y looking for (hence qsr- quoted search results)
note that using the query without quotes shows you who google thinks in most relevant for that search and that is who you have to beat to get onto page one.
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