I've posted a few questions recently on keywords! I really want to be able to use them in the best possible way. Could someone advise me - which of these two is better?

A keyword with 2700 monthly searches, 470 traffic and competition of 97


A keyword with only 136 monthly searches, 24 traffic but a competition of 9?

Thank you!

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mickeyb123 Premium
I'm glad you made a decision because I was going to suggest that both are great.

Another 2 questions should be:

Which one is the best GRAMMATICALLY?

Which one is something that YOU would use to find your stuff?
Louise2812 Premium
Thanks everyone for your helpful comments! I think I will try and incorporate both into my article if possible.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Use both in tor content, as both meet the criteria QSR<100 and Searches >50. Never try to find one best leyword; fill your content with many great keywords on an ongoing basis. Better SEP is cumulative.
WilliamBH Premium
Do two blog posts! Cheers, William.
boomergp08 Premium
I agree with Wade. If your website is still young go with the first keyword because of the higher search volume. Plus the competition is still under 100.

But one thing to remember is that when it comes to overall ranking, it is your content as a whole and not your target keyword that will determine your rankings.

Yes the keywords are important for attracting potential customers but when it comes down to rankings, Google looks at the entire context of your content to determine where you place in search results.
GrahamHod Premium
some of my highest ranking posts are from low monthly searches. So I would say use the 136 with 9 competition personally.
TheBuilder Premium
To be straight forward I would say that I prefer the second one.
SteveWalker Premium
I think the first one would be stronger as well. However, I would probably work out a way to use them both; as long as it doesn't make your content too contrived.
WadeBlake Premium
If you have a well established website with good traffic then the low hanging fruit would be something to consider ranking for. But if just starting out i would try to capture the higher search results allowing a better chance for traffic.

My two cents.
Triblu Premium
Why not use both ... that's what I've been doing ... using three or four related (of course) long tailed keywords. Just a thought.
WadeBlake Premium
Good point thanks for bringing that up
evaluate Premium
I'd say the high monthly search one, because it has others promoting it too, which means it's profitable.