Hello, dear affiliates!

I hope you are doing alright these days?

I have a dilemma about which keyword to chose for 10 moths old website.

Here's an example:

Keyword A has: 103 Average Mothly Searches (AMS) and 73 Competition.

Keyword B has: 75 AMS and 28 Competition.

Which one is the best for a 10-month old website?

I appreciate your feedback on this!


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littlemama Premium
Hi Natalia, You should be able to use either keywords for a 10 month old site, but if you're not ranking well yet, then use the one with the lower QSR since AVG is still > 50.
JohnAitken1 Premium
For me, I select the LOW LYING fruit. That would be Keyword B due to it's very LOW competition. You will be seen much sooner and should have a higher search engine success.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Some good answers here for you, Natalia!

seanbennick Premium
Try putting your keywords into a spreadsheet and looking at the value of them next to each other. I would use the AMS / COMP.

Doing this gives a score of 1.41 for Keyword A and 2.68 for Keyword B. That makes it more clear and easier for me to select keywords.

Basically, with that formula, you're looking at the potential of the keyword to give you traffic based on the actual traffic divided by the amount of competition it has.

I hope that helps.
Natalia777 Premium
Thank you for your advice, Sean!

If you could please decipher for me what do you mean by AMS/COMP?

Is it by any chance Microsoft Excel spreadsheets?
seanbennick Premium
Here's what I do:

Step 1) Using Jaaxy, search for your main keyword (I used "gadgets" for this example)

Step 2) Get all the QSR values for the words you're interested and select those words using the checkbox to the left.

Step 3) Click the "Save to List" button and save those to a New List.

Step 4) Visit the Saved Lists tab in Jaaxy and click the CSV Button under Export (make sure you select "All Data")

Step 5) Open a new Google Sheet and use File > Import to import the file you just exported from Jaaxy and use the settings shown in the image labeled "Step 5" below.

Step 6) Create a new Column with the header "MSR/QSR" or whatever you want to call it. Then go to the cell below (cell F2) and use the Function Button to create your formula. Just click the Function Button, then click on cell B2 type the forward slash "/" then click on cell D2. This will give you the MSR divided by the QSR.

Step 7) Copy the data from cell F2 (it will copy the formula) and paste it into all the other F cells in your sheet.

Step 8) If you have an error that says "#DIV/0!" You can go to the appropriate "D" cell and change the value to 1. A zero usually means Jaaxy doesn't have the information.

Step 9) If you want to make it visually easier to check certain values, then highlight that Column and select Format > Conditional Formatting. Select the Color Scale option and select the gradient you want. I like the Green - Yellow - Red gradient shown.

Step 10) Apply the conditional formatting anywhere else you want. You may have to change the colors as shown in the image for Step 10.

Step 11) Select Data from the menu and use "Sort Range" to sort by your selected value. Use the options shown in image 11-B below.

Done) After doing this, you can see which keywords have the best score and compare that visually to the QSR.

A good score with a QSR below 100 is an article you should write immediately.

I've been using this system (with a few tweaks) as a guide to what I should write next. Highlight the cells that have a QSR less than 100 and write those in order of the best keyword score to the lowest. Once you have some good traffic, you can go back and do Keywords with a QSR between 101 and 150 based on the keyword score, Then once your site is doing really well, if you want, write articles for the keywords with a score of 151 and higher.

Using this example, you get the sheet shown in the "Final Sheet" image.

Based on this, I would write articles in the following order:
1. top rated gadgets for men
2. geek gadgets
3. top gadgets for men
4. shop online gadgets
5. where to buy gadgets
6. best gadgets buy online (change title to "best gadgets to buy online")

I hope this helps,
seanbennick Premium
The above is sort of a preview of an upcoming training that will go into more details and include a Google Sheet example.
Natalia777 Premium
Oh, wow, thank you for this! I'll try to follow these steps 😊
seanbennick Premium
No problem, I hope it helps, having a big list of Keywords is great, but it can get overwhelming.
CashYoda7 Premium
Hi Natalia,

I would target the keyword you think more people would use when doing a search in Google related to your topic.

This is why:


The algorithm Google is using to understand the context of your content is more sophisticated than most people realize; and it's getting more accurate every year.

Don't try and second guess it; go for relevance. Match your keyword to the INTENT of your readers.

Let the algorithm do the rest for you.

That's my take on it.

Natalia777 Premium
Totally makes sense to me, Stephan.

Thank you for this reminder!