which is better ?? not the keyword search but the value it shows, im looking for perferred QSR

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nathaniell Premium
"Perfect my passion" would be better. "Set it up" is pretty competitive for a new site. Plus, it's very broad.

Set what up?

It's not exactly clear. With keywords, it's important to be specific.

Even the phrase "perfect my passion" isn't very specific. I'm not sure what that means. Perfect my passion for what? For what purpose?

This keywords would be fine to use in a title, but I would recommend having it focus on a specific person trying to achieve a specific thing. Like "How to perfect my passion for making honey" or "How to perfect my passion for building cars without breaking the bank"

Those would be potential blog post titles you could use with that keyword.
MaidenE Premium
Yes be more specific, ok thank you Nathaniell :))

Just what I needed to understand, as in training today,
Keyword post/page to publish on my site.
ja114 Premium
The lower the QSR the better, as that number represents the number of sites Google found targeting that exact keyword. So, a higher QSR means there are more competitors on that keyword. In the OEC training, Kyle recommends using keywords with a QSR under 100.
MaidenE Premium
yes thank you i thought i was not listening well.