As we know the big day is around the corner and wondering when do you start reviewing Christmas gifts. I do not want it too early and bore people or leave it too late and miss out. So when is the ideal time?

Thank you all

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PaulWatson Premium
As soon as the decorations are up in stores.. people's minds turn to Xmas... I would start ASAP
Talk2Ray Premium
I'm just now starting to write my Christmas posts.
I think now is the best time if you have not already started.
kevinzshan Premium
I don't believe there is an ideal time for a blog that relies on search results. You could write a post about the best Christmas gifts 5 years ago so that whenever Christmas comes up, that's when the post will gain traction. That's my personal opinion, though.
allancurtis Premium
Yes, time to get moving ... Christmas is only 77 Days away!
TheCatherine Premium
About a month ago