There are lots of keywords that end in "for", e.g. healthy eating for, weightloss for etc. How does what you add onto the end e.g. healthy eating for entrepreneurs affect the core keyword? This is very difficult to explain and I nearly ditched the question but I will perevere. "Healthy eating for" gets heaps of traffic but I'm thinkging that's because it is including traffic from every keyword phrase that uses it with something else tacked onto the back end. You would still have to look at the specific end result you were wanting e.g. Healthy eating for entrereneurs, which is no good. Thanks to anyone weighing in (pun :) )on this this. The only reason I considered it was because of something Jay said in one of his webinars.

thanks deb

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nathaniell Premium Plus
I think there is very little effect with words like "for". The main thing to keep in mind is INTENT, because that's what Google is looking at.

Best water resistant coat VS best water resistant coat for rain probably would yield similar results in Google. The intent of the search is the same.

Best lotion for eczema VS best lotion for dry skin would be different topics. The search intent is different.

Whichever keywords you go with, make sure to use the correct grammar:
TheCatherine Premium Plus
if your keyword is (healthy eating) then "healthy eating for entrepreneurs" does include the healthy eating. Using the idea of numbers you could use seven healthy eating habits of successful entrepreneurs that make sense
VEhret Premium
That also brings me to ask: can you add to a keyword before the keyword - e.g. "(7 ways to) save on home brewing supplies", where the keyword is "save on home brewing supplies".
Let me know what you think.

Aussiemuso Premium
If you Google your title idea, you often see a number before it. Apparently, this ranks better.

Lily 😊
JeffreyBrown Premium
A very interesting question, Deb. Thanks for bringing it up!

Aussiemuso Premium
I have used a keyword phrase like this in one of my post titles, 'Habits of a successful ' and have had good traffic. The rest of my title is 'guitarist '. For me there would be no other way to title this content. I've been happy with the results.
The full title was '4 Habits of a successful guitarist. '

Lily 😊
debzo Premium
Thanks Lily,
I'll check the that keyword and see how it comes up as a base line.