I'm searching for keywords for my niche, Skincare for mature skin.
I think i'm on the right track. However, id feel better with a little reassurance from someone that really knows what they're doing lol. It would be helpful if any one could give me some examples of keywords they'd start their search with.
Please & Thanks!

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Emery1981 Premium
Thanks for all the help! It's very much appreciated!!
AbieAJ Premium Plus
So very welcome.

Much obliged and best wishes.
jghwebbrand Premium
Some common word we use are What is, How to or How,
When reviewing products xxxx review, or the best.
MelWaller Premium Plus
Casey, put yourself into your customer's position. What are they looking for? What information would be useful to them? What would they ask? And that will get you on your way. There are no limits to the possible keywords/phrases we can use and that will help continue to build out your website.

AbieAJ Premium Plus

Depending on your topic, you may want to dissect your niche first. Have you done that?

Skincare for mature skin, great start.

The question is WHO would be your target audience vs Not what you are selling to an audience.

When deciding on a niche try narrow it down to a more specific niche, you can ask yourself the following question:

So I want to help people with ____________________ ?

Fill in the blank and you are going to get closer to a specific audience. You may consult with https://answersocrates.com/ for further research into finding a subcategory starting out. You can search what real people are asking as in Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons, in the past, letters and query. It is also great if someone wants to write a thorough research based article.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Your niche research

Questions People are Asking
How to Solutions
Resources Within the Niche
Products You Can Promote/Review
Affiliate Programs
Top Authority Sites/Competitors
Low Competition Keywords
Popular Magazines / Papers / Periodicals
Advertisement Ideas / Headline Ideas


Look for searches (avg.) above 30 and competition (qsr. ) lower than 100, the lower the qsr the better. Starter sites SEO greater than 95.


For your choice of keywords, always do an incognito search on Google before settling on a keyword, to see who appears in the top 3 positions.

Or you may do in Jaaxy tool search analysis



. https://my.jaaxy.com/training Your found target keywords go in the title of your post and again in first or second paragraph then write freely. Some include them towards a conclusion if it conveys a message. I'd also make sure they are grammatically correct.

You may also want to utilize the Alphabet soup