This is only a quick one in order to get the knowledge of other minds. I've been doing some Jaaxy keyword research for a new article and diverted away to look at some of my saved keywords from times long ago.

I've come across a keyword that I saved and used for an article and at the time met my criteria. The QSR of this keyword is now around 147 and I'm just wondering what my options are in regards to the already published article.

Can I simple edit the keyword in the title of the posts and within the paragraph and SEO scetions or is it a case of leaving it and moving on? Surely others have this puzzle too - for me it's a case of what do do about my findings.

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Muja Premium
I would personally just leave it and move on.

If the post was ranking well but not anymore, then I would try to improve the content.

I would not change the keyword in the places you mentioned because this basically resets the "post maturing process", and you'd have to wait another 7 months for it to reach the peak rank for the new keyword.

And I wouldn't be worried since your QSR was fine when you wrote the article, it just means your article is way more "matured" when compared to those who wrote theirs afterwards.
drmohfa91 Premium
When something like this happens. I tend to search for new keywords related to the topic or gives the same meaning. Now, if the new keyword is related but a question to a part of the old article, I write a new original article and then connect them together. If the keyword has the same meaning as the old one, I rewrite the old article and add the new keyword. I leave the old one inside the article for sure.