I have been using WA's keyword tool extensively for the past couple weeks, but I have noticed that the results it gives me, as far as monthly searches go, is totally different than the results I'm getting from other popular keyword tools. Tonight alone, I have seen several cases where the keyword tools are as much as 7 thousand searches apart!

I'm confused and don't know which tools to use. Can anyone help me figure this out?

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Je88 Premium
Keyword research is art more than science. confusion is good.now take a deep breath . I ask you this question. who are your competitors in page 1 whatever google bing Yahoo. you got to research their sites.lets say you target keyword like supplements for body builders.

Now you clicked every site on page 1 . What do you see.?Many sites all focus on the subject?or happened to target for that? What's your judgement ?I mean if you like to open s shop selling yor niche.but if you find mostly are stores selling nutrition for all ages.Then why you can't open one just one focusing on your niche?you got a Market right?

Don't Get too hung up on the keyword tools data.important is if you successfully refer to Amazon example you get a fat comm
Its wotrth to do it.

Think like you are starting a store.Competition is everywhere but if you Focusing on just one Category of your competition. Then even its hell lot of competition but not focus so what?

Use your own discretion my fren.Be like water.what is water when you pour it into a bottle ?what is water when you splash it to the floor?Can Water be drank if its frozen?
Shawn Martin Premium
If they are free keyword tools disregard them. I have built my 3.5 year old online business exclusively with the free keyword tool here at WA. So far so good :)
DaveSw Premium
Depending on how you set up the search, it will affect the results... There is a lesson on this, let me pull up what I have tagged to get you some advice...start here, then do a search in the window directly above your post to show more...
TravH Premium
I have done searches changing features and not changing them. I also have done searches in private mode, but I get the same monthly search results... For example, I found one long tail keyword that gets over 6,800 monthly searches with only 10 competing pages! However, two other very popular tools give out no info at all!

That's just one example.
mijareze Premium
I second that motion--Jaaxy is what I use!
I have had nothing but good experience with Jaaxy. Have you tried that one?
TravH Premium
Yes, I have an account, and have run test with it, but have gotten the same results. If the data was just a little off, I could live with it, but seeing it is several thousand off, I see a problem... I trust that I'll see things clearly soon and be able to go about my research with confidence again.