There are many ways you can go about finding information about your niche/audience, and starting to really find keywords, products, and other relevant information about your niche.

I want to open a discussion here on the platforms, techniques, research tools, and any other mechanism you use to get keyword, market and customer insights into your niche.

Please leave ONE tip/strategy you use for researching your niche. Also, offer your feedback on other fellow WA'ers ideas!

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Zoopie Premium
I talk to other teachers and owners and discover what they want then look at Facebook groups, local papers and if it as a product, I purchase and test it. Then compare on line to other products. Can be a bit time consuming but after I finish I know what I am talking about. My niche is teaching ESL ( English a a second language) in HCMC, Vietnam.
I also physically go to any place that has a bearing on helping the teacher. For example, visiting where you get your motorbike license and what you have to do. Same for visa runs etc. Time consuming but I don’t get caught out providing false information. It is difficult to ring and find out as a cultural thing most Vietnamese will not admit to not knowing something and have been known to make things up while trying to be helpful.
DValentine Premium
That's a brilliant way of doing it Stephen - you've done original research to get the most up-to-date information to your website visitors - great job!
Zoopie Premium
Thanks, I can’t rely on the computer here 100% and it is so easy to get false information just with the language barrier alone. And yes , I do speak a bit of Vietnamese.
ArnoCo Premium
That is a great approach which will work best in the long run and gives peace of mind as well as one can be sure that the advice will be valuable to the readers
Loes Premium
Hi Kyle:) I watch the advertisements on TV and the headlines in newspapers. What's hot? Then I Google and find at least 10 articles to get really informed. And make my own combined content. I also use the headline for a key phrase and/or a tag from the newspaper items. Those are often really awesome. I have one advantage for my websites. I can search in English and translate my articles into Dutch and vise versa. Btw. I do not use Google translate for that matter. I translate in my own words.
Carola000 Premium
I spy on my competitors, sign up with the higher ranked competitor's memberships, they will send you their latest news, you can find tips and info. this way, also read what their customers comment on and use some of this info. to improve your own niche. I also do a lot of research.
Damien15 Premium
Great game plan
ElodieF4321 Premium
The technique or tool I use to find relevant keywords and topic, is Jaxxy.

I would usually select a topic, if it is too broad I would break it down or drill down into my chosen topic. In that way I can also come up with sib-niche and in so doing iwill eventually have a variety to choose from.

This is just one of the many ways I will use, why? Because I have found Jaxxy to to very effective.
CHind Premium
Hi, I tend to flit from search engine to search engine to get an idea to what people are searching, once I get to grips with what people are generally interested in around my niche, only then I go into jaxxy to find rellevent keywords that best resonate with what I am planning on discussing within my posts.