Hi everyone! Please help me anyone if you can - I'm doing a research for university project, and I need to know - I must have a lot of answers to count statistics, so please, everyone that sees this question, just write whatz is your conversion rate in your amazon associates account.

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hordol2013 Premium
I've been told that if it's anything less than 5%, then you are probably losing sales due to the pitiful 24 hr cookie. I'm not sure what a true average might be--with only a 24 hour cookie, you might very well be making sales that you don't get credit for. And plenty of my amazon sales are for items that I didn't link to, they just happened to purchase while still within my cookie window. So it gets a bit muddled.

But if it's helpful, mine usually ranges from 5-15%.
birduck Premium
Thank you
TheCatherine Premium
I don't think that even Amazon could give you a meaningful average
Dale123 Premium
It's worth factoring into your research that not all traffic is created equal, so there isn't really such thing as an "average conversion rate" across different types of traffic. At least not one that would give you any sort of real indication as to what to expect, anyway.