Hey Kyle,
That's me again. Martina. I wanted to ask you one question a long time ago. I feel it should be easy for you to help me. I tried to ask that within the community,but I didn't feel satisfied with the answer.
How to switch to premium features on my website? Well I believe that my theme is still in the old version as a starter. I can see better looking websites and being a premium member I would truly enjoy looking at other website designs. I remember that you said this switching can be done.

The other question I have is about my chosen keyword for the post. I used the word h pylori ( full keyword is natural treatment of h pylori). The mentioned word seems a little abbreviated, but I used it anyway. I guess using h. Pylori or h. pylori or even H. Pylori may be a bit more correct. People naturally search for short h pylori though. So what word shall I use to be found and also accepted by Google?
That is all for now...I try to ask other questions to community or someone else. Thank You for your help!



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Hey Martina,

Your question did not go to Kyle in a private message. Instead, you selected an option that published this in a classroom where all members can come in to help by answering questions that we know how to help with.

Thought you might want to know rather than my simply ignoring your question.

Searching Google for the different spellings you have used, brings up different results. You could use which ever spelling you wanted, depending on where YOU want to be ranked in Google search results for this term.

Sorry to learn that you are not happy with the answers you have received from other members. We do try hard, but it is obvious that we are not pleasing everyone.

There are several tutorials published by Kyle on understanding keywords. See screen print below...

Hope this helps you.